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How To Support The Zodiac Signs

How to Support Them

How to Support Them

Aries: Take them outside, go on a walk, look at everything around you and observe with them. Be silent and one with the world.

Taurus: Reach out, even if you think everything is probably fine. This will make them realize that they have someone there who they can go to when things go wrong.

Gemini: Take them out, even if it’s not for anything super crazy. just give them time to get out of their head.

Cancer: Lay and listen. just let them talk, or sit in silence. whatever it is, just make sure you ride the wave with them.

Leo: Have a venting session. Let them rant and rave, and bring snacks to make a night of it. make sure that it gets all out, as they can bundle their feelings up.

Virgo: Give them time. and when the time is right, ask the questions. Give them a chance to come to you, because sometimes they need time to think through what they’re feeling.

Libra: Whatever you do, don’t try to fix the problem. it is better to listen, or to give them an outlet in which they can speak their feelings. Like a journal, or possibly a canvas.

Scorpio: Take them on a drive and let them scream into the void, or listen to music and belt it out. either way, this will make them let loose and feel better.

Sagittarius: Tell them that no matter how much they vent, you won’t get annoyed. Sometimes talking is the way that they work through their emotions and figure things out along the way.

Capricorn: Set up a way for them to realize why they might feel the way they’re feeling. They need someone to help them work through what’s happening in their mind, sometimes.

Aquarius: Have a good ol crying session with ice cream and chocolate and movies and let them talk when they want to talk, but don’t pressure them.

Pisces: Give them the option to ask for advice or just for someone to listen, and then do whatever they ask you to. they’re usually very in tune with their emotions and know the kind of support that they need.

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