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How to Submit : Step-by-Step Guide

How to Register your Account?


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How to Submit : Step-by-Step Guide

Click register from the extended Menu Tab.

How to Submit : Step-by-Step Guide


OPTION A- You can sign-up with your Facebook or Google account.
OPTION B- You can register with your email id, fill in the required details and complete the sign up process.

How to Submit : Step-by-Step Guide


If you selected Option B, you will receive e-mail with an activation link. If you can not find the email, please check your spam folder for email from

How to Submit : Step-by-Step Guide

Click on the Link URL to activate your account.

You account is Now active and ready to use.You can now login using your username and password.

How to login?


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How to Submit : Step-by-Step Guide


OPTION A – Login using your social media (Facebook, google ) accounts.

OPTION B – Login using your registered email id or username and password.


How to Submit : Step-by-Step Guide

⦁ How to submit your journal?

⦁ Click on SUBMIT POST option (as shown in the picture below).

⦁ Before submitting the journal, read the submission guidelines carefully.

⦁ Type the heading of your journal in the title bar.
⦁ You can either type or paste your article. Also you can also format your articles from the options available.
⦁ You can set featured image from your device or from the link you want your image to be exported.
⦁ Select the category of your post.
⦁ Add tags related to your post. Make sure that it is catchy enough to increase the visibility of your post.
⦁ Tick on the terms and conditions.
⦁ You can either preview your article or save as a draft for future edits.
⦁ (You can also add referral link related to your article)

⦁ Click on the submit for review tab and that is how your article will be submitted to us for moderation.

⦁ Once your articles are reviewed and published, a mail will be sent to your registered email id along with the link of the article.

At The Minds Journal, we believe that exchange of ideas and thoughts helps in propagating a different dimension in the vision and mindset of people. We encourage our readers and authors to contribute their ideas and thoughts which results in self development helping people to imbibe a better mindset.

Participate in our interactive sections and be a part of us by diversifying your ideas and adapting a sharpened thought process.



At Minds Journal, we fully encourage our contributors to promote their work. However , there are few guidelines for the link placement and other promotional activities.

You can include the URL of your blog’s homepage with the name of the site as a link anchor or your social network profiles in your author bio. However, if you place links to specific pages with the keyword containing anchor texts in the article body, all links will be removed. This kind of link placement is only acceptable for sponsored posts (if you represent a company or a marketing agency and want to place a link to a corporate website, review website or online store, this is the right option to choose). Our free guest posts are intended to increase the visibility of the bloggers website.

If you wish to promote your business, please opt for the paid promotion option on TheMindsJournal website. Also we would like to mention specifically to our contributors to avoid obvious promotion of all kinds of sites, services or products since all the content published here is for informational purpose only.
We intend to publish unique and original content which is exclusively authored for TheMindsJournal. If your idea is already published elsewhere, it will probably not a good idea to publish it here. Your ideas and thoughts will have more chances to attract more potential readers if it is original.

Make sure that the topic of your post have an essence of positivity, inspiration and an intend to encourage self – development. Please avoid sarcastic or provocative content which may hurt any religious or personal sentiments of the readers. Make sure that your story is in accordance with this purpose and fits one of the following categories: health & wellness, environment & planet, science & technology, self-improvement, relationships, and lifestyle. The more relevant your topic is, the more is the chance to get better visibility.

The title of the article should be catchy enough to gather the attention of the readers. The interests of the readers mostly lies in the caption of the article so make sure it grabs the attention of the readers.

Make sure your post gives a clear and actionable instruction for those related to the development of mind and health issues. Try to give the tips and instructions as precise as possible so that it would be beneficial for our readers to comprehend on the same.


If you are putting any facts and figures, make sure to do that from a credible source. Please do not put any vague or incorrect information. You can also provide the link to authenticate the credibility to make the readers understand the concept in a better way.


It is advisable to check the grammar and spellings before sending the articles. You can also use grammar check softwares to scrutinize if there is any grammatical mistake in the article or not.
The minimum word count for all guest articles published in TheMindsJournal is 600 words. However, if your article demands to be elaborative, the preferable word count is above 1000 words.

⦁ Why can’t I login?

We do understand how frustrated we feel for the technology glitches. Firstly make sure that you have entered your username and password correctly. While signing up, we sent an email to your mail id with your password and tips on getting started to the site. If you can’t find the mail, try and reset your password by clicking on the “forgot password” link below the login box.
If you still cannot log in, email the admin or use the contact us page. In your message let us know what internet browser you are using and from how many days this problem are you facing. We will do our best to help you resolve this issue and we thank you for your patience.

⦁ When can I see my content on your website?

We thank you for your contribution. As soon as our editorial team approves your content, it will be visible on our website. Since we get huge submissions every day, the process may take little time.

⦁ Why my posts are not published?

If your post doesn’t comply with our submission guidelines, then it may not get published. However, if you think it’s a mistake , please contact our editorial Team at or at Contact Us Page.

⦁ Why are my comment / post deleted?

We love to hear your views and thoughts and publish content which is beneficial and informative for our readers. It is not a plesentence activity for us to delete the comments or posts. However, sometimes, we receive spam or a post violates our terms of use. If you feel your comment or blog post was deleted in error, email the Editorial Team at or use the contact us page to notify us of your request.

⦁ How to report any article or post?

Sometimes one’s viewpoint and opinions may hurt the sentiments of others. If you don’t like the post or you feel it’s a plagiarised content , please reach us at or use the contact us page to let us know about your concerns. If we find that the post is violating our guidelines, we will have it removed.
⦁ How to change the name/bio/other details on my account.
You can change your details by these very simple steps
Log in to your account.
On the top bar, near the search box you will see your Avatar/Profile Picture. Click on it to open your Profile.
.Then, below the Profile Icon, you will see a Sub-menu , “Edit.” Click!
Make necessary changes and click “Save.”
Your login name will not change. Also, note: It takes about a day for the site to update your account and all your comments, questions and answers with your new display name and search engines will continue to display your original account name for an indeterminate amount of time.

⦁ How to become a contributor to your website?
At TheMindsJournal,we encourage invite authors and readers from different spectrum to contribute their views, thoughts and experiences to us. This process of sharing ideas is verysimple Log-in / Register and go to the Submit Page or click SUBMIT POST from User Icon in Menu Bar and pen down your thoughts.
Our Mind Talk Category often generates as much views as some of our articles. Everyday our editorial Team selects the best articles/blogs/quotes to post in its related category and also promote it on all our social media handles. Yours could be one of them.

⦁ How to unsubscribe from your mailer?
At TheMindsJournal ,we are very particular to respect our readers and their privacy, therefore we never deliberately intend to spam their inbox without permission.
If you are receiving our newsletter or getting emails that let you know when someone sends you a message on the site, responds to your comment or post or answers your question, you can go into your account settings and change your preferences. Otherwise, just reply with “unsubscribe” in the body of your email and we’ll get the message. As always, you can email the Admin Team at or use the contact us page to let us know about the issue.

⦁ How to delete my account?
We’re sorry to hear that you want to delete your account. Please do email us at if you have any concerns about your account or feedback for us. You can also use the contact us page to notify us of your request.
⦁ What is a Wise Pick? How to participate

This is the most popular and engaging activity in TheMindsJournal where hundreds of viewers participate on a daily basis. Here, we post a picture on our website and social media handles and the viewers comment a unique caption that they think suits best for the image. We will choose the best quotes and publish it in our websites and social media with their names as credentials.
⦁ Are the posts sharable on social media?
Yes , we believe that your content should not be limited to a single place , therefore we have opened the door to share your and other posts to social media accounts like facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google Plus, Tumblr, E-mail, Pocket, Flipboard, Redditt, LinkedIn and SumoMe.