How To Stop Procrastinating? The Complete Step By Step Guide

stop procrastinating

5. Break Down Tough Projects or Jobs

Huge projects or jobs can be overwhelming, causing you to keep putting them off. Breaking bigger projects or jobs into manageable chunks may help you stop procrastinating. Tackling one thing at a time is the quickest way to make sure that they actually get done.

Keep monitoring every achievement of such small manageable chunks of project. You’ll feel a sense of progress while still working. Reward yourself at every such small achievement. I reward myself by watching my favorite movie or hanging out with friends. Whatever reward you choose, make sure it’s something you love.

6. Develop growth mind-set

You can overcome procrastination to the extent you can shift your thinking to consider the situation as an opportunity for growth, development, or to deepen your talents.

Shifting a mindset from a fixed mindset and cultivating the habit of a growth mindset will not only help stop procrastinating but also open the new path of success in life.

The growth mind-set creates a desire to learn and an ability to overcome problems in order to be successful.

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7. Healthy Lifestyle to stop procrastinating

We have already discussed how an unhealthy lifestyle results in low energy levels resulting in procrastination. A healthy lifestyle will not only help you to stop procrastinating but there are many other benefits that will improve your overall physical as well as mental health.

Bring change and work on developing a healthier lifestyle.

Do some Experiments with sleep, exercise, and diet to find a balance that works for you.

If you cannot get any positive results (in terms of boosting your energy levels), then consider visiting and consulting a healthcare professional. It may be the case there are underlying causes of low energy that require comprehensive medical treatment.

8. Avoid Instant Gratification to stop procrastinating

Instant gratification is curse of modern society. The new age technology and inventions social media and dating apps, have changed people into lazy beasts.Why bother with writing a few pages of a book, when you can try a new battle game PUBG on smartphone?

Human beings automatically choose the easy way. They try to experience a brief moment of joy, instead of suffering the pressure of inevitable responsibility.

The more you become addicted to instant gratification, the easier it becomes to indulge in it. Avoid the temptation that’s standing right in front of you. So you can hold out for something substantially better down the line. Practice emotional management and surround yourself with people who encourage you and push you. It will help you to overcome instant gratification.

I hope you found this guide on procrastination useful. I am sure; it will help you to stop procrastinating. Feel free to leave a comment below in the comment section.

How do you overcome procrastination? I look forward to hearing from you.

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How To Stop Procrastinating? The Complete Step By Step Guide
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