How To Stop Procrastinating? The Complete Step By Step Guide

stop procrastinating

4. Visualization

The visualization exercise seems simple, but some recent research suggests that visualizing yourself in the future could be an innovative way to beat procrastination.

We have already discussed above to bring the consequences of procrastination to present moment to combat procrastination. This basically helps you to deal the time inconsistency which has been one of the major causes of procrastination.

A visualization is just an opposite approach. Here you try to visualize the future rewards and consequences and overlap your Present YOU with Future YOU. In other words, you try to live in future and use the rewards and consequences as stimuli for motivation to kick start at present.

Coming back again to example of making presentation slides for business review meeting. If you imagine yourself giving a killer presentation at business review meeting because you prepared the presentation slides couple of weeks in advance and had enough time to fine-tune what you were going to say. You might be inclined to do that rather than setting yourself up to fumble through a presentation you were ill prepared for, because you didn’t start planning until the night before after a few Happy Hour cocktails.

Try projecting yourself mentally into the future. Imagine the good feelings you will have if you stop procrastinating and finish a project.

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