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How To Stop Being Jealous: 9 Questions You Need To Ask Yourself

how to stop being jealous

6. What Are My Blessings?

Often we overlook the blessings that have been bestowed upon us and keep staring at the half-empty glass. If you want to stop jealousy from ruining your peace and relationships, you need to start counting your blessings. If you can be grateful and fully aware of all the things that are going well in your life, you will stop living in the “lack mentality” and no longer feel sorry for yourself when others get their abundance. If you want to know how to stop being jealous, you need to practice gratitude.

7. Am I Not My Only Competition?

The answer to this question is yes, you are your only competition. You must look back on your journey and see how far you have come. If you feel you are still repeating your past mistakes, change things around and start making better choices. If you feel you have learned from your experiences and have come a long way, well, kudos! You have no reason to feel bad. Your healing and achievements will be according to your efforts and divine timing. Be patient!

8. When Did I Learn To Be Jealous?

In our journey of healing not only do we have to learn a lot, but we also have to unlearn. We have to peel off layers after layers of internalized toxic beliefs and dysfunctional habits that we have learned from our parents or the society around us. Maybe you were encouraged to always do better than your peers at school, or fight for the attention of your primary caregiver, or maybe sibling rivalry was normal while growing up. But that does not mean you have to keep on this tradition and keep comparing yourself with others. Before knowing how to stop being jealous, know when you started feeling jealousy.

9. What Action Can I Take To Feel Better?

After all has been said and done, you need to take some action. Merely making a list and writing in your journal will not get you to overcome your jealousy. Once you are clear on your hidden desires and fears, take action on the insights you have discovered through the process of soul-searching. You might have to come out of your comfort zone and do something new or challenging. But the outcome will be worth it and it will be much better than loathing and bitterness. You owe this to your higher self.

Take Your Power Back

Processing our jealous behavioral trends is critical for the evolution of our personality. So how to not be jealous should not be the burning question here. Be kind to yourself and don’t get sucked in the make-believe game of competitions. You must know what matters to you and realize that you are the one who has control over your life. So instead of feeling sorry for yourself, take your power back and work towards your dream life.

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How To Stop Being Jealous: 9 Questions You Need To Ask Yourself
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How To Stop Being Jealous: 9 Questions You Need To Ask Yourself
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