How to Stay Happy in Life

How to Stay Happy in Life

Life at home and work and annoying happenings that bother you – anything can make us unhappy, stressed, and frustrated.

However, being chill, calm, and cheerful isn’t so hard, if you know how to go about it. How do you stay happy all the time? Is it possible and is there any proof that these ways can work?

In this post, I want to show you ways that are scientifically proven too. If this does not convince you, then I do not know what will!

BREATHE A LITTLE. Even though you have all that work stewing in your head, you need to breathe. Take a slow, long breath in through your nose, then gently exhale through your mouth. Don’t let out a big, sobbing puff. Think of your breath as the wind. There is a tiny village sitting in front of your lips, and you don’t want to blow too hard on the little people. Breathe like this for five or more breaths whenever you are stressed.


STAY BUSY. While you may have been looking forward to slouching on the couch, stuffing your face with cheese puffs and getting orange powder all over the cushions, having this lazy time in the dark will gradually make you think little of yourself. If your tired, read, nap, do yoga, stretch, or do something peaceful and creative. If you’re up for it, jog, go on a brisk walk, anything to push off the laziness.


EAT SMART. This just means that instead of choosing Super Oozers for a juicy, oily hamburger, you should choose Salad Party. You may long for those sweet, unhealthy foods for a while, but once they’re gone, you’ll feel better than ever! Don’t go out of your way to make yourself super skinny. Don’t think skinny, think healthy! Have a few snacks like fruits or nuts during the day, as well as lunch, breakfast, and dinner. Only eat when you’re hungry, and drink plenty of water. You need eight cups of water a day to maintain a good balance of H20.[7] You should check that your body is getting enough of every vitamin, as well.


FIND YOUR HAPPY PLACE. It may be sunning on a rock in your garden surrounded by flowers, or it may be snuggled into your mattress, dozing over a good book. It doesn’t matter where it is, just that you get there at least once a week! Make sure that you quiet yourself every now and then and be grateful for all you have. This will leave you refreshed and with a pleasing outlook on life.


DO SOMETHING FOR YOURSELF. Not often, but spend that extra buck when you need a manicure, or want to see the game. This is important, and remember that even tidying the house will have you smiling when the results are in. You are you, and you are worth it.[9]


ACCEPT YOURSELF. Somebody, somewhere, would risk their life for you, your smile. Smile more often, and know that everything is balanced. Don’t get plastic surgery, settle for something that makes you happy. The simple, sunbeam, every day, buttermilk pancake, fresh breeze, blue waters, I-think-he-likes-me kind of happy.


GO FOR IT. You were put on this world for a reason. You have a claim to this world, and it might not be taken.


EXERCISE MORE. Lots of studies on this one. Exercising releases the good mood endorphins so that you are always in a better mood after a workout or simply a walk to the supermarket. I have never met a person in a bad mood after a workout! But where is the scientific evidence?


The University of Toronto did a great job on this and analyzed no less than 25 research studies.[1] The conclusion was that physical activity can and does help to keep depression at bay.

The best study I know is where three groups of depressed people are put on a regime of anti-depressants, exercise or a combination of the two. No surprise to know that all three groups were happier, but did it last? Six months later, the group who had been treated with exercise only, had a very low relapse rate of 9%. The other two groups had relapsed and how! Their rates were ranging from 38% to 31%, so about a third of them were now depressed again.

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