How to See your Aura and the Colours

Easy way to see your aura and examine its colours. See what each colour means!

 September 29, 2018

How to See your Aura and the Colours


TURQUOISE Coloured Aura:

Turquoise is a very strange yet powerful color. It the colour of those people who are able to heal their inner wounds and find emotional peace. You probably lost trust to yourself – and all others – due to traumatic experiences of the past.

This is the color of those who attune with the universal healing powers and can erase any wound or trauma. Trust the vibes again and trust yourself. Trusting yourself will enhance your healing powers and this is the first step AND THE MOST IMPORTANT ONE. This is the color of the Sea.


BLUE Coloured Aura:

This is the ultimate healing color. You are a true Healer! Even though all colors can be used in different conditions, blue is the one which stimulated our healing powers. Blue calms us down and helps us achieve a state of enhanced awareness. This color is associated with Jupiter as it helps us connect with the whole Cosmos.

Blue helps us expand all our power – but in more subtle and steady way. Blue is the color of the Sky and this helps us understand that we are not bound to this world. We come from a Divine Source therefore EVERYTHING is possible. As Blue reminds us this, we become more and more confident and ready to face our everyday issues.


LILAC/PURPLE Coloured Aura:

No color has ever been associated more with magic than this. This is the Color of Mercury the Messenger of the Gods. This is the color which reminds us that we can achieve anything we want yet we first have to find out what do we want. Purple reminds us to take a step back and observe.

Purple helps us understand that everything in our lives is a result of our previous actions which can even transcend this lifespan. As Color of Karma, Purple is used in most advanced and powerful magic. It can help us attune with our ancestors and access their Realm of Wisdom. This Color can help you achieve greater Awareness and visit other Realms. You are an Astral Traveler whether you know it or not!



This is the “color” or creation and manifestation as it draws from the Spiritual Realm down to our Physical World the already constructed work of our Will. The “no color” color is what can help us achieve miracles.If this is the color of your aura you are very close in achieving miracles.

Your magical potential is great and you already know so much. Trust your self, trust your magic and Cast your Spells! This “color” also means that you should have probably neglected your physical needs. This is the time to achieve balance in the Spiritual World and this Physical Realm.

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How to See your Aura and the Colours