How to See your Aura and the Colours

Easy way to see your aura and examine its colours. See what each colour means!

 September 29, 2018

How to See your Aura and the Colours

If red is your aura’s color then you need to find ways to awaken and direct your passion. You need to flirt more and engage in more physical activities. You need to connect with your life more! Listen to your instincts. What do they tell you? What do you want right now? Red is the also the color of spiritual dominion (Pope wears a red robe).


ORANGE Coloured Aura:

It”s no coincidence that Tibet”s monks chose this color as the dominant color of their faith. Orange stimulates our inspiration. It brings out our positive attitude towards life. It makes us want to live and attract more happiness. If orange is your Aura’s color then you probably found more ways to inspire yourself. You should keep on inspiring yourself by enganging in activities like Tai Chi or Kung Fu? Find ways to express your positivity. You are a eternal soul commanding a magnificent machine. Be grateful for every gift you received. Open yourself to happiness. You are almost there!


GOLDEN/AMBER Coloured Aura:

This is the color which balances the power with the expression of your will. It”s the color we use in magic to tap into Solar Magical powers. You are attuned with Sun”s energy and grow your inner confidence and self-esteem.

The Sun does not need to try, he just shines! This is what you need to understand. You don”t have to change anything. You are perfect! Indeed! You don”t have to change a thing. Attune with your Will. What do you WANT to do? If you need extra help try summoning a Solar spirit or Deity to guide you.


YELLOW Coloured Aura:

Yellow is the color which attracts the most active forms of spirituality. If Yellow is your Aura’s colour you found a way to awaken your magical powers. It”s so obvious that you thirst for contact with your Divine self. You should probably engage in activities life Yoga in order to attune more successfully with the Divine source.

Magic and faith runs in your blood and your aura shines brightly. Your aura will shine even more if you could schedule a daily routine to contact the divine powers. Maybe a daily Prayer? Whatever you choose bear in mind that you are so close on achieving higher perception!


GREEN Coloured Aura:

If Green is your Aura’s colour your heart longs for balance, stability and also the fresh air of Spring. You are adjusting to the Energy Vibes of the Earth. Healing energies run from and through you. You need to let things go and make peace with the past. What”s done is done. Let yourself bloom like a flower in Spring.

Let balance and abundance fill your heart. Find more ways to relax and achieve inner peace. You should probably need to start meditating and/or start activities which connect you with nature. Green helps us fulfil our dreams and achieve our goals. You heal others by just being near them while you also help them ground their energies. Green can also help us find balance in our body as it”s Ruled by Venus. Time for a fresh start!

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