How to Release Yourself from Family Karma

 May 12, 2018

How to Release Yourself from Family Karma

Dependence leads to imperfect relationships and often to parasitic ones. There are many people who feed on this suffering thus creating a vampiric cord, a sick energetic tie which affect both parts.

These invisible links, drain everyone although this is not obvious all the time. We see children being restrained from ‘family values’, or ‘religious teachings’ or any other form of ‘ethics’.

These people may delay their dreams as they keep feeling bound to their mother’s or father’s wishes.


What to do?

Love for our Parents should be unconditional as well as the love of our Parents for us. However, we cannot change the way others feel.

But we can change how we feel. Set yourselves free and keep love as the Ultimate Link which connects you with your family. Forgive yourself and your parents for all your and their mistakes. TIP!

Forgiving doesn’t mean that you forget (especially when it comes to criminal acts, abuse or violence). It means that you stop letting yourself get influenced by these past experiences.

Clean your path for a bright new future!



3.  Breaking the Curse

Karma can be collective. Although we are not always suffering from curses cast on our ancestors, sometimes this might be the case.

Dark Arts can make things worse, especially when we voluntarily open to door for Evil.

The Oldest your family name is, the more possible to

  • have received curses,
  • or even hexed some member of the family thus thickening the bad karma,
    participated in Wars,
  • or participated in Witch Wars (see here more about hereditary Witchcraft)


What to do?

You don’t and you can’t know the whole history of your family. What you can do though is to learn how to break free from possible curses.

To do that you can cast this Karma Cleansing spell, which set you free from curses or dark arts you may or you may not have meddled with.

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