How To Relax Instantly, According To Science: 18 Quick Tips

Relax Instantly Science Tips

Here’s how to relieve stress right now

Apart from the ones mentioned above, there are many other tips on how to relax quickly that you should know as well. Let’s take a quick look at some of these helpful relaxation strategies for immediate stress relief:

6. Try hydrotherapy

Splashing some cold water on your face and pulse points can help you cool your body temperature and make you feel energized. Running cold water or putting ice on your wrists can help you calm down quickly as major arteries run through the wrists. 

7. Get some sun

Step out of your home or office for a while and feel the warm sun on your skin. Vitamin D from sunshine can lift your mood instantly.

8. Take a quick walk

Getting some fresh air and moving your body for just 10 minutes can clear your head and make you feel ready for the tasks ahead.

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How To Relax Instantly, According To Science: 18 Quick Tips

9. Laugh 

Laugh out loud with your friends and family. Watch your favorite sitcoms or funny videos on YouTube to enjoy a full-on laugh out session.

10. Chew some gum 

Chewing gum can help you keep stress away and enhance your productivity and mood.

11. Practice creative visualization

Mentally imagine what you want – your goals, objectives, dreams, and think about how you want to feel about it. 

12. Massage your hands

If you want to know how to relax, then simply give yourself a hand massage for 5 minutes, according to research.

13. Eat the right food

Food and drinks like dark chocolate, honey and green tea are known to relieve stress and anxiety.

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14. Stretch

Instead of going for an hour long yoga session, you can stretch certain body parts while on the go to relieve body tension and relax your muscles.

15. Alone time

Spend some time alone and gather your thoughts and emotions. Spending 5 minutes with yourself can help you calm down a lot.

16. Look outside

Simply stare outside from the window and look at the sky, clouds, tries, park or even people walking outside. Take a break from the screen and look at life.

17. Sniff some oranges

The citrusy scent of oranges can help to reduce stress & anxiety and boost your mood according to studies.

How To Relax Instantly, According To Science: 18 Quick Tips

18. Pet a furry friend

Spending some time with your pet can help to greatly reduce your stress and anxiety levels instantly, studies have found. Now you have more reasons to spend time with your furry friends.

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Well, there you have it!

Relaxing is easy

Stress has become an inherent part of our daily lives today. This is why it is crucial that we intentionally make relaxing a daily habit as well. Now that you know how to relax and destress yourself even in the most difficult moments, make sure to deliberately follow these strategies and practice these tips whenever possible during your normal daily schedule. 

These relaxation strategies are quick and easy that can be practiced whenever you want. So go ahead and relax your mind and body. You deserve it.

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