How to Read Eyes And Know What Someone Is Thinking

Read Eyes Know What Someone Is Thinking

4. Lateral right (Sound construction)

Looking at the direction means the person is creating a particular sound in their minds. This eye movement can be observed when someone is making false claims about a conversation they had with another person. 

5. Lower left (Inner dialogue)

When we have an internal discussion or debate, we usually tend to look at our lower left. This gesture denotes that someone is engaged in deep thought or self inquiry or doubt.

6. Lower Right (Kinesthetic/Feeling)

When we try to recall a particular emotion associated with a past experience, we tend to look at the lower right. It denotes that we are digging deep into our emotions to relive the same feelings inside our minds.

7. Straight ahead

When a person’s eyes are looking straight ahead and their pupils are dilated or defocused, then it denotes that their mind is busy accessing sensory information in the fastest possible way. 

However, this is usually applicable for right handed people only. If you wish to observe and analyze a left-handed person, make sure to switch the sides respectively.

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Understanding eye gestures

Here are some other ways you can learn how to read eyes to understand what’s going on inside someone’s mind:

1. Eye blocking

When someone is blocking or covering their eyes, then it means that they don’t like what they are looking at. Eye blocking is a strong non-verbal display of dislike. This often happens when someone is repulsed or disgusted by something. Eye blocking is a reaction of discomfort and a powerful manifestation of disagreement and disbelief.

Former FBI Counterintelligence Agent and author Joe Navarro explainsEye blocking is just one of the more obvious things that we do. When we are troubled, frustrated, or struggling with something emotionally, our eyelids may also close hard and remain closed, or the eyelids may flutter rapidly as an expression of our sentiment.”

2. Pupillometry

Pupillometry refers to the measurement of pupil size and reactivity. When a person looks at something visually stimulating, their pupils dilate. This can also happen in low light as well. When we like what we see, pupils dilate to absorb more information about the pleasing visuals. Observing someone’s pupils can help you know if they are aroused and enjoying something or not. Understanding pupillometry is crucial for learning how to read eyes.

3. Squinting

Narrowing of a person’s eyes is often due to emotional or physical pain. Squinting can also denote evaluation, consideration or tiredness. However, some people can squint to indicate that they do not enjoy your company or dislike you. Moreover, people may also squint under low light conditions.

4. Gazing

Looking at a person or a thing indicates an interest. Gazing is usually considered as an intimate activity. We often gaze at someone’s face who we find attractive or interesting. We can either gaze at their eyes, their face or have a defocused gaze to look at someone in general. If someone gazes at your eyes, then it denotes romantic interest or love whereas gazing at someone’s body often means lust. 

This is why it is important to consider where the eyes of a person are focused. If they are generally gazing at you, then it means they are observing you and your personality. This could also be done in a threatening or insulting manner. 

There are mainly 3 types of gazing:

  • Social gazing
  • Intimate gazing
  • Power gazing

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