How to Read Auras And The Meaning of Each Color

Because of this, gold aura people are known to have many, many friends. They are caring and sharing, they will give you time, they will listen to you and they make a great company.

However, they don’t want their flaws and can’t stand criticism. They hide under masks and this is their biggest issue. They are very proud and independent.



These are the people who have special gifts. They will use their gifts through their lifepath to grow as a person. They are very wise and they truly learn life lessons.

Silver Aura people are sensitive, intuitive and they even have some psychic abilities. These people have the strongest spirit and the biggest potential to reach spiritual divinity and find ‘The Truth’.

People with predominant silver/white aura are always seen as very attractive. They attract people and admirers, but sometimes this could be an issue because silver/white aura people don’t want to be center of attention.

They don’t really care about reputation, nor are proud or egoist. Silver Aura people are also considered to be very lucky.



Brown aura always suggests something wrong with your personality. Indicates confusion, discouragement, lack of confidence and fear. Dark brown indicates selfishness, egoism, and a tendency toward deception.



This is the aura of hatred, negativity, depression or some major illness. This color is a really bad sign.


Steps To Read your Aura

If you want to read your aura,  just follow these simple steps.

Stand or sit in front of a mirror. Have a solid, light background behind you and start looking at yourself in the mirror.

Focus your attention on an outlining spot on your body. (I focus on the area between my neck and shoulders.) At first, you might see a thin white or transparent image around your body.

This white or transparent image will appear as a nearly-clear form of energy, but you’ll definitely see it.

Remain focused. Eventually, that white or transparent image will expand and will become a noticeable color (on me it’s a thin yellow outline of my body).

At this point, you’re seeing something that your mind isn’t used to seeing, which triggers your brain to start thinking, and the aura disappears.

It’ll come back quickly and will disappear just as quickly as soon as you think about what you’re seeing. If you are able to remain focused, your aura will glow brightly.

Slowly, you will see more of it and you will be able to truly determine what aura are you surrounded with.

If you stay long enough focused on your inner aura, soon you will be able to see your outer aura. However, this process requires a lot of focus and spiritual strength.

You will see waves that are slowly glowing out of your body, but still, it’s difficult if you are not a spiritually advanced person.

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How to Read Auras And What is the Meaning of Each Color

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