How to manifest with a Love Letter to yourself?


6.       Then, think about the skills, abilities that you want to develop within yourself

7.       Write to yourself about them as if you already are blessed with them

8.       While you write about them feel the joy, happiness & love that you feel because you are so good

9.       As now you are the best person and the best version that you’ve already wanted to be, write about one particular dream that you feel will come true now. Is it going around the world or having a stable relationship, or getting a permanent job/raise in your job?

When you manifest this dream because of yourself what will you do? When I started my journey, I had the goal of writing a book and then in the letter to myself I wrote how will I celebrate the day, in the most luxurious hotel having a meal. Guess what? I had my meal ….

10.   Remember the more you write you ought to feel more joy, as being ecstatic about yourself and your love of who you are is to accept yourself.

With acceptance comes allowing and with it comes success as Universe acts according to what you feel about yourself!!!

Writing these letters are addictive in a good way and boosts our morale & energy instantly. As you keep writing them, let the earlier ones be kept in a place secured & secretive from prying eyes, and every 6 months, read them and either burrow them in Mother Earth, symbolizing giving it to her to help grow and flourish or give them to a flowing water symbolizing the ever-flowing abundance.

I hope this love letter will attract abundance to your life as it has for others.


Photo credits:

1. Thought Catalogue on Unsplash