How to love ourselves and why is it important

 October 17, 2015

Half of our problems, wouldn’t have existed – had we been taught.
How to fill the Gap.

How to not look outside to belong.

How to stand for yourself

How to be not lonely, but Alone.

12 comments on “How to love ourselves and why is it important

  1. In a constantly expanding universe with billions of galaxies with billions of solar systems … There must be billions of earth like planets with life. Our planet earth is just a speck of a dust in this universe. How big are we here ? Why are we here?
    What can a dust do? Just let go of the ego and let things be as it is.

  2. We never learned how to love ourselves because before we could learn that we were human and prone to mistakes our soul was devastated by either what we did or what was done to us and we made our mind up early in life that we were bad bad bad…

  3. How much we have to love….ourselves? how much we have to pampered? sometimes we need more time to understand what exactly we need life keeps changing if you continue keep loving your own structures I think we lost a valuable moments in life today I need someone to love me…..since last many years m loving myself and due to that love m still alive….sometimes only giving is also a major problem in your own structures.

  4. If you want what visible reality
    can give, you're an employee.
    If you want the unseen world,
    you're not living your truth.
    Both wishes are foolish,
    but you'll be forgiven for forgetting
    that what you really want is
    love's confusing joy.
    <3 Rumi <3
    Enjoy the confusion 🙂

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