The Key To Bliss: Let Go Of Expectations and Avoid Suffering

#6 Practice acceptance

You cannot control every single aspect of your life, let alone control other people or situations. When you accept what life has to offer, you will feel more empowered and free yourself to experience life. Fighting the reality of your life will only make you more exhausted and drained as whatever has to happen will eventually happen.


#7 Don’t take life so seriously

Shit happens in life and sometimes you can’t really do much about it. Try to be a bit playful in life and not take everything so seriously. A little bit of smile and excitement can often work wonders.


#8 Practice mindfulness

Overthinking about a particular outcome that may or may not happen in an uncertain future can lead to a lot of stress, depression, frustration and anxiety. Practice mindfulness as it will help you be in the present moment and experience life as it unfolds. Letting go of your past and expectations of your future will enable you to experience your present moment the way it is.

No expectations. No disappointments.

Be courageous and light the darkness.

Whether you choose to shiver in the darkness of expectations or light your heart and experience life to its fullest will depend on how well you transition from one cycle of life to another. The only way to heal fear is by moving ahead and living life one day at a time. This makes the process a lot easier.

Choose to be in a more positive mindset as it will help you to leave the imaginary world inside your mind behind, and live in the present moment. You are a survivor. You can do this. Again.

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The Key To Bliss Let Go Of Expectations & Avoid Suffering pinThe Key To Bliss Let Go Of Expectations pin


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