The Key To Bliss: Let Go Of Expectations and Avoid Suffering

 August 06, 2019

The Key To Bliss Let Go Of Expectations & Avoid Suffering

Here are certain traits that you need to develop that will help you gain the necessary mental strength and start letting your expectations go.

#1 Be open minded

Open yourself to new and unexpected possibilities that may occur in life. Understand that you cannot truly control anything except yourself. So instead of being focused on a certain outcome that may or may not happen in the future, focus on the process. When you become more invested in the process, life will take you to a great new destination, even if it is not the one you wanted. As a result, you will significantly minimize any feelings of sorrow and disappointment.

#2 Be resilient

Only by becoming mentally strong and resilient you can become unshakable in life irrespective of what life throws at you. Being resilient will help you break free of any expectation. Once you gain the mental strength to face any challenge, you will become more accepting towards multiple outcomes instead of tying yourself to a particular one inside your mind.

#3 Be realistic

Observe the real situation more closely without getting emotionally involved in it. Once your thoughts are based on the present reality, you will be better prepared for even the most unexpected future. Information is power. The more realistic you are, the more you will know and the smarter decisions you will take in life.

#4 Nurture your self-esteem

Self-esteem is perhaps the most crucial element is developing a stronger, more resilient mind. Have faith in yourself, believe that you can overcome whatever you are facing and practice self-love. This is the secret to being a stronger version of yourself.

#5 Practice gratitude

Start focusing on the positive side of life instead of getting sucked into the darkness of expectations. In your current situation, try to find five things that are positive and make you feel good. By forcing your mind to focus on the brighter side of life, your mentality will shift to a more abundance mindset. You will look at the better side of any situation and avoid feelings of disappointment.

#6 Practice acceptance

You cannot control every single aspect of your life, let alone control other people or situations. When you accept what life has to offer, you will feel more empowered and free yourself to experience life. Fighting the reality of your life will only make you more exhausted and drained as whatever has to happen will eventually happen.


#7 Don’t take life so seriously

Shit happens in life and sometimes you can’t really do much about it. Try to be a bit playful in life and not take everything so seriously. A little bit of smile and excitement can often work wonders.


#8 Practice mindfulness

Overthinking about a particular outcome that may or may not happen in an uncertain future can lead to a lot of stress, depression, frustration and anxiety. Practice mindfulness as it will help you be in the present moment and experience life as it unfolds. Letting go of your past and expectations of your future will enable you to experience your present moment the way it is.