8 Step Guide To Leaving a Toxic Relationship

Step Guide To Leaving a Toxic Relationship

Leaving is not easy, but it’s doable

You accept that they may never love you the way you love them. You’re fine with the way they treat you. You’re happy that they’re with you and you have them by your side. You tell yourself all relationships go through bad phases. All romantic partners fight and argue. But this is not what a loving, caring relationship should be.

This is a one-sided relationship. A relationship where only one partner makes all the efforts to make love last. A love that doesn’t even exist there anymore. Something that should have been left a long time ago. You should have moved on a long time ago. 

But there’s still time. There’s still hope. That’s the beauty of life. That’s the beauty of the human spirit. 

8 Step Guide To Leaving a Toxic Relationship
Leaving a toxic relationship

Here are a few tactics that will empower you to leave a toxic relationship, liberate yourself and show yourself some love and compassion.

8 Step guide to Leaving a Toxic Relationship

1. Start keeping a journal

Start writing. Write down everything you feel without censoring anything. Keeping a journal can help you to express your thoughts and emotions and vent out. You can write about anything you like, even those feelings which you can’t share with your family and friends. The more you write openly and freely, the more you will learn about what you are truly feeling, what you want from a friendship or a relationship, and what you actually deserve.

The journal can also be a great way to document any abuse, mistreatment, or unhealthy behaviors. Moreover, it is also a great way to counteract gaslighting. Journaling is a simple yet effective way to voice your innermost feelings and thoughts that you kept hidden till now.

2. Get some alone time

Once you get in touch with your inner feelings, you will start realizing certain aspects about yourself, your relationship, and your life. This will begin to shift your line of thinking. During this phase, it is important that you stay away from other people who might influence your thoughts and feelings. This includes your besties, your families, and your partner. It is only when you spend more time with yourself and become a recluse, you will realize that you’re in a toxic relationship.

One of the greatest and most enjoyable ways to do this is to go on a solo trip for a week. Not only a quick vacation will rejuvenate your mind and soul, it will also help you to realize how much better your life will be without your romantic partner or close friend. You will find out how strong you actually are and reflect on your life and relationship. Getting some space from others is critical if you want to leave the one who doesn’t deserve you and save yourself.

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3. Ignore relationship advice from others

Some people will tell you to leave your toxic partner immediately while others might tell you to hold strong. You may be told things like –

Your partner makes good money.

Men are like this.

Don’t let a woman dominate you.

He/she is totally wrong for you.

It’s better than being alone.

Why don’t you just leave?

You can add some more BS advice to the list. I am sure you’ve heard your fair share of them. But make sure you don’t believe any of it and ignore them completely. Most of the time it will be your friends and family to say these things and they will mean well, but you need to follow your instincts, thoughts, and feelings without being influenced by anyone.

You need to reach a decision by yourself based on what you feel and not on what others tell you. That is the only way to take the right step you need to.

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