How to Keep Going When Nothing Makes You Happy: 6 Things You Can Do

Keep Going When Nothing Makes You Happy

5. Step out of loneliness

Yes, your happiness lies inside and you shouldn’t rely on others to make you happy. But that doesn’t mean that you will withdraw from others and isolate yourself. Isolation makes us fall deeper into the dark abyss of unhappiness. Interacting and building relationships with others can inspire you and help you gain new perspectives. It can motivate you to learn new skills and pursue new goals. Developing emotional connections with people can help you feel comfort and joy. 

How to Keep Going When Nothing Makes You Happy: 6 Things You Can Do

Socializing is a crucial step in learning how to find happiness. But that doesn’t mean you attend every party or event you are invited to. It simply means creating, sharing and enjoying a sacred bond with a few close people who understand and appreciate you. You can find happiness within yourself, but sharing that happiness with your loved ones can make it even more special and memorable.Studies show that we are happiest when we are around those who are also happy. Stick with those who are joyful and let rub off on you,” writes award-winning therapist and author Barton Goldsmith, Ph.D., LMFT.

6. Practice gratitude

Be thankful for what you have instead of being sad for what you don’t. Gratitude trains your mind to focus on the positive things that are already present in your life. Gratefulness is a strong and empowering emotion that helps you reflect on things that make you happy and appreciate life. Practicing gratitude not only helps you experience positive emotions, it also improves your health by making you more compassionate, helping you sleep better, improving your immune systems and making you feel more alive.

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A 2010 study found that “there is an association between gratitude and a sense of overall well being.” Another study by Emmons & McCullough, 2003, discovered that keeping a gratitude journal on a daily basis tends to make you more optimistic in life and feel better about yourself in general. Barton Goldsmith suggests “Look at your life and take stock of what’s working, and don’t push away something just because it isn’t perfect. When good things happen, even the very little ones, let them in.”

Know yourself

Understanding yourself is the secret to understanding how to find happiness. Know your dreams, desires, values, beliefs, passions and purpose in life. Acknowledge your own thoughts and emotions and value yourself. Invest some time in nurturing yourself and do what makes you feel happy from the inside. 

How to Keep Going When Nothing Makes You Happy: 6 Things You Can Do

Author Arlin Cuncic, MA writesIf you truly want to pursue happiness, surround yourself with positivity and see beyond your present circumstances to the bigger picture, both in terms of people and your place in the greater universe.” So stop thinking about being happy and take steps that will lead to the happiness you seek. Decide to live a happy life. Choose happiness in every moment. 

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