How to Get Your Dog Out of Depression?

How to Get Your Dog Out of Depression

As you know, dogs, as well as people, can be in a depression. It may happen for various reasons, but in any case, it is vital for the owner to know how to get his pet out of this state.

Causes of Dog Depressions

Before deciding on how to improve the mood of the pet, you need to know what can be caused by depressive behavior.

  • Fear. Sometimes the apathetic behavior of a dog is associated with phobias. It is often observed in dogs taken from a shelter.
  • Death of another pet. There are times when a dog grows with another dog, cat, rabbit, etc. If she perceived another pet as a member of the pack, the death of a friend might be quite a traumatic factor.
  • Injuries. Sometimes, detached and depressed behavior becomes the result of beatings, bullying, cruelty committed in upbringing, etc. Sometimes, along with traumas of the psyche, the pet also has a fear that must also be combated.
  • Change of the owner. If the dog was transferred to other owners, it may also have depression. If the pet misses the former owner, he needs to help get used to the new situation.

How to cheer the dog?

happy dog

If the dog is sad and does not get out of a depressed state, the owner is obliged to help and support his pet. Before trying to cheer the pet, it is necessary to analyze all possible causes of such behavior.

After the owner of the dog figured out what exactly became the occasion for sadness and depression, the following measures can be taken.

“A dog is the only thing on earth that loves you more than he loves himself.” – Josh Billings

Work with fears

If the cause of the pet’s depression were fears (usually acquired later psychological trauma in the past), you need to analyze what exactly the dog is afraid of. To do this, you need to watch the pet or go through a special questionnaire for dog owners. It is possible that the owner is not always aware of what precisely frightens his pet.

Change the environment

If the cause of the sadness of the dog is the death of another member of the family or animal, it can be helped by a temporary change in the environment. If there is such an opportunity, you can go to the country, to rest in another city, etc.

It is necessary to give the pet the opportunity to switch his attention from environmental irritants. It is also essential to ensure that after the return a little change the situation, rearrange the furniture, do a general cleaning (to remove odors, since dogs remember much of the nose). It is possible that after these measures the condition of the pet will improve.

Try Toys

If the dog had to change the owner, the new owners would need every possible effort to remedy the situation. You need to give your pet time, watch him. It is essential to interest him with cool toys for dogs, a delicacy, to come up with an exciting game – to find that way of spending leisure that can interest him.

It is necessary to understand what motivates the dog and gives her positive emotions. If the owners can understand how to influence their pet positively and will spend with him enough time, perhaps, the condition of the dog will improve.

Visit Psychotherapist

The owner must support his pet and help him survive a difficult period in his life. But if the measures taken by the owner do not help, it would be better to consult a professional zoopsychologist!

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