How To Get Over Certain Fallacies of Astrology To Make it More Realistic

How To Get Over Certain Fallacies of Astrology To Make it More Realistic

By and large, we know that no two persons ever lead exactly identical life – not even the twins.

Take the case of palmistry, for instance. It is a different story – whether we may rely on palmistry or not but we know that no two persons have ever been found to have even identical thumb impressions, so far. So, as a matter of fact, it should be possible to rely on palmistry.

If we don’t get correct results through palmistry – it is not because our palms do not match but because we have failed to evolve a robust system of interpreting the lines we see on our palms.

But sadly in case of astrology, we don’t have even as strong footing as we have in case of palmistry – as has been diagnosed by me.

As we know astrology rolls out predictions based on what is known as “Ascendant Sign” and, what we know as, the “Natal Chart”.

On the face of it – can we rely on it even if it did not assure us that everybody had a unique combination of “Ascendant Sign” and “Natal Chart”?

Does everybody have a unique combination of “Ascendant Sign” and “Natal Chart”? 

My answer to it is, “No”.

For instance, think of the possibility of two persons who may have born in different Labour Rooms (or, in different Operation Theatres) of the same hospital on the same date and the same time but in different type of families one in a family that is on a string-budget all the time and another in a family that has all the facilities they shall need to his/her proper grooming and proper education. Don’t you get surprised – according to astrology, both of them shall have an identical combination of “Ascendant Sign” and “Natal Chart”?  

The same way, though the persons born on different floors of a multi-storied building on the same date and at the same time are not expected to pass through the same sequence of events in their life they, too, have an identical combination of “Ascendant Signs” and “Natal Charts”.

This, obviously, paints a dismal picture of astrology on the face of it that would distract anybody from consulting an astrologer for anything whatsoever.

But I can’t resist narrating a story that takes wind out of any such misgiving if we, at all, call it a misgiving.

Astrologers are able to tell things that would drive you mad.

An incident that reaffirms our faith in astrology despite its all pitfalls

I have picked up this story from the pages of my own memory.

It was about thirty years back when my wife, a famous gynaecologist of Lucknow the city where we live, was coming back home from her Nursing Home on foot.

She walked through a public park adjoining our house and one of her legs fell into a pit that had been dug in the park on her way to plant a tree. Suspecting whether she might have got her leg-bone fractured we visited a well-known orthopediatrician of the city who took an X-ray of the leg and told us that it looked she could have had a hair-crack in the bone. So he plastered her leg and we left for home quite depressed in our mind.

It so happened after a few days, our astrologer came by to visit us and when he looked at her leg plastered he exclaimed she did not have any bone-injury on the cards according to astrology.

He sounded us that if we believed him, we should get the plaster removed and get the leg X-rayed afresh.

What stunned us was “extreme confidence” we could see on his face how he could be so sure of it?

We knew he was a reputed astrologer of the city but we couldn’t believe how he could have been so sure about it.

He, finally, won over us and we got the leg rechecked and would you believe – there was no hair-crack of the sort in her leg.

So, sure enough, astrology is not so much of hogwash, either.

I kept on thinking for many a year how he could have been so sure and all I could recall – he had looked at her face when he confirmed that she could not have had even a hair-crack.

Aren’t you astounded?

But it is a fact.

What do you think – what should have made him so sure?

He crosschecked the astrological finding with the physiognomy (the art of face-reading) much the same way as I have seen bakers checking whether or not a cake has fully-baked, by poking a knife into it.

I had seen him cross-checking the predictions made by him even through palmistry, sometimes.

This gave me an idea that there may not be anything much too wrong with astrology. All it needs is using a “system of crosschecking the predictions” also before rolling out any predictions to the clients – be it through physiognomy or through palmistry or through numerology.

System proposed for cross-checking astrological predictions

We may calculate the Ascendant Sign Number and the Natal Chart Number also, as follows, using the same conversion-table that we use to calculate the Birth Day Number, the Life Path Number, the Destiny Number, the Soul Number and the Personality Number of a person in Numerology shown below, to crosscheck whether the predictions could be relied upon or not.

Supposing, the “Ascendant Sign” of someone is “Saturn”.

The reductive numerical value of his/her “Ascendant Sign” would be 3 (since 1+1+2+3+9+5 = 21 and 2+1 = 3) using the following conversion-table.

How To Get Over Certain Fallacies of Astrology To Make it More Realistic

Supposing, he/she has “Venus” in the third house of his/her Natal Chart, we can calculate the reductive numerical value of this house, as 9 (since 4+5+5+3+1 = 18 and 1+8 = 9 by assigning 4 to “V” of Venus, 5 to “e” of Venus and so on).

Natal Chart

To this, if we add the house number 3, we get a reductive numerical value 3 of this house (since 9+3 = 12 and 1+2 = 3).

Likewise, if we calculate the reductive numerical values of all houses – we shall get the reductive numerical value of not only the whole Natal Chart we can, as well, calculate the reductive numerical value of the Grahas that may be occupying all houses at the time when we want to find out what may happen in the native’s life on any particular day in his/her life according to astrology, also.

At present, neither the astrologers nor the numerologists calculate such numbers in this manner.

But by interlinking astrology and numerology in this manner – we may add a new dimension to astrology as well as to numerology and, thereby, infuse new life into them.

Astrology needs only revamping of the system a bit by, somehow, rolling into it the role of the parents and the brothers and sisters also besides making the cross-checking the predictions a regular practice.

How To Get Over Certain Fallacies of Astrology To Make it More Realistic