How To Combat Psychic Attacks

How To Combat Psychic Attacks

b) Crystals.

Many people advocate the use of crystals, but their effects have never been potent enough for me. Crystals are fun because they work like a scented candle. They radiate for a while but then the energy slowly dissipates without regular ignition. You must keep charging them for them to be effective and when you’re struggling with re-charging your own battery, then expending that energy on a low-level tool wouldn’t be my first go-to personally.

c) Salt.

Salt has long been revered for its protection and cleansing properties and so can be used to create a circle around the outside of your home. Alternatively, you can just place it along the threshold of your external doors to block out any bad influence. Black pepper is a good one to use too.

d) Random.

Placing a jar of mixed seeds on your windowsill is a strange one but effective.

Psychic attacks take place in the energetic/ astral realm and so the roles there are slightly different. It’s hard to list them all here, but;

e) A jar of seeds acts as a distraction tool to prevent undesirable energy from entering the homestead.

f) Bells are great for disrupting energetic frequencies too.

The vibrations reverberate and subsequently, the negative vibration has a harder time focusing or fixating around you. You can place them on door handles or keep one by your bedside.

g) Placing mirrors on your windowsill to face outside of the home deflects the energy back to the sender.

You can buy small stick-on mirrors which can be placed in the corners of the window so as not to affect the style choices within your space.

h) Wearing a piece of red thread around your neck or wrist is a great protection charm.

The color red typically represents strength and you can either wear it by itself or with dried herbs sewn through it. Cloves can prevent gossip and bay leaves help ward off harmful influences.

You won’t need these tools forever. Dealing with psychic attacks is not a lifestyle choice. It can just be helpful to know that you have these tools available should you need them.

4. Real talk. Negative energies seek to put your moral compass on tilt.

What this means is that a destructive influence will seek to put you out of balance so it can assume more and more control over your energetic frequency.

Step 4 would be to consider the 7 deadly sins as an example. These taglines can help you categorize where your moral character may be lacking and therein unwittingly allowing an undesirable foothold for the parasite to feed on.

For instance,

Lust and Vanity/ Pride are amongst the easiest and subsequently most common ones to target for a parasite. Any misaligned practices or thoughts in this area always seem innocent enough, to begin with, but the way corruption works are that it eases you into negativity and imbalance one step at a time.

You may start taking greater care of yourself and think you’ve earned yourself some bragging rights in response to what you’ve achieved. Feeding that mentality frequently could result in a superiority complex. This can lead to chaos.

You may fantasize about another person in the heat of the moment. Before you know it, you’re seriously considering an affair. This too could lead to chaos.

When your mind, body, and soul are in balance, it’s very hard to be then be thrown off-kilter and so guard your thoughts rigorously but with compassion. Only you can judge yourself.

5. If you know who is leaching from you, then these visualization techniques in step 5 will help to break the attachment and empower you to handle the situation

This can be done using nothing more than your own personal strength.

  • Cut the silver cord of attachment that binds you and that person on an energetic level.
  • Build a brick wall mentally. You can build it around them or around you.
  • Try to avoid engaging in a battle of wills. Dark cannot chase out dark and this will only serve to feed the parasite. Only light can chase away the darkness.
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