How To Find Yourself When You are Feeling Lost

How To Find Yourself When You are Feeling Lost

It very often takes from me about twenty minutes to go to my usual café and order my usual coffee. In fact, it was one of my nonsense and pointless rituals, where I used to see different people faces but with similar expressions. Until today, it is totally different. I may say that during those twenty minutes, I have learned and believed that to stay alive is much easier than to live, I have seen enough hopeless depressed faces with fake melancholic smiles in my life but one part was genuine is that; their eyes are still glowing in any situation and looking for a good reason to reborn.


I stop and reflect a little. Perhaps many of those people are reaching the end of a long and painful life; they can no longer feel the energy of love, what people call life passion, flowing through their fleshes and through their souls. Besides, many of other people have just started living those painful days and they haven’t realized yet how much is it hard and difficult. However, what about happy people where are they?


I have been thinking about it a lot, and I realize that I haven’t went into that café by chance; really important things are planned to occur by the souls long before the bodies see each other and that exactly what happened with me today. Normally, people are searching for sufficient and convinced reasons to reborn emotionally, these reasons are waiting for us everywhere and every time, but more often than not, we avoid them happening, otherwise, we ignore letting them happen. If we are desperate, though, if we have nothing to lose, then the unknown energy reveals itself, and the winds change our boat direction and move us to a better and safe place. Unfortunately, some people seem afraid of facing that unknown energy. Obviously, I also admit that the majority of them are scared of accepting to relive certain joys and certain ups and downs.


I assume that, there are two types of world: the real one we live and the one we dream about. Overwhelmingly, those two worlds live together but they might strongly never interact each other like train tracks always walking along parallel to each other, never touching.


I believe that each voyager holds dreamy stories, colorful memories, fascinated views inside his head and he sometimes makes unrealized speeches with people he loves inside of him through that short momentary voyage. I also believe that each reader who holds a precious book in his hands creates his own fantasy world inside his head too. He usually gives faces to the characters, concepts every corner, constructs phenomenal scenes, tastes various flavors, smells mixed odors. And that is why, whenever a voyager goes to tell about his journey won’t be similarly experienced by the listener. And whenever a reader goes to see a film based on a novel, it leaves disappointed impacts on him and he might think that the novel is much better than the film.      


Dear reader, it is not necessary that the external world must obligatorily reflect your internal world. But your internal side has to light up your external expectations. I am pretty sure that is not the first time you have heard this from someone or reading it somewhere but let me tell you that; since you have started reading this article for about two minutes ago, according to statistics, in that same space of time, 500 people have just seen the light of the world for the first time, and another 210 have died. Where are thousands of families who have to smile and be happy at the arrival of a new member in family while others have born secretly and then abandoned. Besides, other people have just begun to mourn the loss of close people while others have just passed away alone in their cold room. How could a simple statistic to hold such a heavy deep meaning!

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