How to Feel Love

How to Feel Love

We,as humanbeings, have something special that we don’t realise most of the time.Actually we have it  but we can’t recognize because of the being busy. Maybe some of you are trying to find out what I am talking about or you are angry with me because I don’t express it directly. 

What I am trying to make you realize is ”love”. When was the last time you felt ”love” in you? When was the last time you said someone ” I love you.” ? I want to make you think about these 2 questions.Ask them as if you didn’t know yourself.

Maybe , you don’t believe in the ”love” between people, maybe you many bad experiences about people.Maybe you can’t trust people.Yes , this is an option ,as well. Then why don’t we turn to nature? Don’t many people have flowers in their homes ? Don’t they have a pet? This is love ,too. They can’t speak but you can love them the way they are.You can touch them,you can feed them,you can build a relationship between you and them. Maybe the first thing that you want to see in a day will be your beautiful flower or your dog waking up by kissing. It is love from another side.

Believe or not , there is ”love” in the world. We can’t keep it ,we can’t touch it or we can’t see it but we can feel it. And maybe ıt is the best part of love. It is too good to be true. 

A nice day to whom feel the love inside them . Thanks for reading.

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