How to Embrace Your Whole Being and Another Soul the Same Way

how embrace whole being another soul

You do not know this. And you do not need to know how to stop it, handle it, talk about it or to let go- Accept What is- Not doing anything with it- Not talking about it- Not thinking about it- but live Life, as being You- Do not live. This is a chance to fully become YOU- AND to be accepted, just you Are!! You are already whole.

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Just be whole- Be you.

You are the only one, knowing your essence, knowing how to live life on earth, how to treat yourself. You can be Yourself- totally be in your own space- and Time. Nothing changes, You just get a chance to be More You.

You are whole, even when nobody sees You. Just feel the presence of the cosmos and your heart- Your soul- and energy- when Someone truly sees You.– Thank above and your guide, for this encounter- Yes, miracles happen every day.


You were the miracle all along the road.

Always. You do not need to ‘ do something with it’, ‘ act on it’, or ‘ make it work’, just enjoy Your Life even More– without any label or thought about it. Miracles are there because YOu were already a miracle on your own.

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You already had an ‘ I see you’ when you finally accepted Who you truly are. The moment you embraced your own soul. That is when you started to See Yourself.

You know it when it is there. Own it- Take it- feel it. You just got the greatest gift: To love yourself and be in presence with another being, doing the same thing. They will not cheat, they will not lie, they will not gossip, they will not poison you.

You do not have to stress, be cheerful when you are not. You do not have to be ‘perfect’. You do not lose yourself You just have MET Yourself.

Have a great travel, with all that You are.

Are you ready to embrace your whole being?

Written by Leda de Zwaan 24-04-017 / Author | Writer | Owner | Coach
Originally appeared on Enlightening Media & Coaching

Embrace Your Whole Being
How to Embrace Your Whole Being and Embrace Another Soul the Same Way
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