5 Ways To Spot A Wolf In Sheep’s Clothing

Ways Spot Wolf Sheep Clothing

They are experts at molding themselves according to their targets. But this mask does not stay put up for long as they will show their true darkness some time or the other. You have to keep an eye on the phony.

If you agree to work on their terms, they are your best friends but if you don’t, you will witness their bitterness in no time and will be a victim of their smear campaign.

Wolf in sheep's clothing
Wolf in sheep’s clothing

3. They play with your emotions.

These wolves will often have a better idea about your emotional needs than you will. They know your insecurities and your guilt. They know which emotion can influence you and which will get their work done. They will gain your trust and be truthful to you until they have extracted what they want from you.

If they see you sad, or low, they will bring you coffee, tell you jokes and give you company until they have cheered you up. And in no time you will be making their presentation slides.

Look if he/she is being overly generous or too trustworthy with you or not. Too much of anything is not good. And this goes for being too loving also.

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4. They are extremely lovable and charming.

Wolves are extremely attractive, in the way they talk, walk, think, speak, and even look. They will lure you with their personality and even before you get to realize, you will be in their trap. They are good at flooring you with their positive qualities. They are flawless at anything they do, inspiring awe in you.

This charm will someday be really heavy on you. So, look out.

5. They tell stories with loopholes.

Confronting a wolf will make them go violent. This is because it spoils their game. The wolves in disguise will always have some faults in the stories they spin. If you ask them some tricky questions about the stories they tell, you will be able to find fabrication in them.

A typical example will be a cheating partner who on getting exposed will try to explain and reason out their actions in a manner that makes no sense.

How to Spot a Wolf in a Sheep’s Clothing?

1. Knowledge is power.

The only way to recognize a wolf is by knowing more than he does and knowing more about him. Do not initially trust a person who seems overly glazed and polished. These are the people who actually end up fooling you.

Gain as much information as possible about them so that you know how they generally are as a person. If you find them behaving in any way in contrast with his usual disposition, it can help raise your suspicions.

A wolf will claim a number of things that are not correct but is beneficial for them. So, if you want to catch them off-guard, you will have to ask questions and put them in situations that will either disapprove or approve their stand.

Spotting a wolf is a bit difficult especially if you are a sheep. If your intuition is hinting at something wrong, you should keep your eyes open and lookout for ways to stay away from their trap. Always keep yourself aware of your surroundings.

2. Probe them as much as you can.

Ask questions. A wolf always pretends to be what they are not and hence their knowledge about everything is shallow. When you ask questions at a deeper level, you will be able to unravel the truth lurking behind the mask.

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