How To Crush Loneliness And Enjoy Being Alone

Crush Loneliness And Enjoy Being Alone

2. Seek professional help

Loneliness can have serious mental health effects that can affect our ability to function in daily life, damage our relationships and lead to physical health issues. This is why it is a great idea to consult a mental health professional to crush loneliness before it crushes you. Talking to a therapist can help you develop strategies to better manage your thoughts and emotions and heal your pain. Studies have found that psychological and behavioral interventions tend to be highly effective in reducing feelings of being isolated and lonely. Psychotherapy can also “improve the life quality and satisfaction of people suffering from the (real or perceived) absence of social relationships.

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How To Crush Loneliness And Enjoy Being Alone
How To Crush Loneliness And Enjoy Being Alone

3. Practice self-love and self-compassion

Solitude is all about enjoying your own company and that begins with loving yourself. When you practice self-love, you focus your attention on your own needs and engage in activities that make you happy without being dependent on anyone else. It also helps to build your sense of self-worth and self-esteem. However, as we are crippled with negative emotions and negative self-talk when lonely, loving ourselves can be difficult. This is why you need to be kind with yourself. Instead of criticizing, blaming and hating yourself, show yourself some compassion. Be aware of self-destructive thoughts, limit the negative self-talk and simply take a break to do things that you enjoy, like taking a walk, eating your favorite food or getting a massage.

4. Build healthy habits

When you are alone, self-doubt and other unhealthy thoughts can easily creep in pushing you towards a downward spiral. This is why it is essential that you follow an organized routine, establish helpful rituals and develop healthy habits. Build a routine for your typical day – waking up, cooking & eating meals, getting chores done, completing your professional commitments, self-care practices, bedtime routines etc. This will help to better organize your day and help you manage intrusive negative thoughts & emotions.

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5. Use your leisure time wisely

How you spend your spare time can determine whether you crumble to feelings of loneliness or enjoy solitude. Scrolling social media endlessly, mindlessly watching Netflix or just tampering with your phone in the name of “relaxing” can increase feelings of isolation. However, if you use your leisure time for self-development or resting your mind, body and soul, then you will truly be able to experience the benefits of alone time. Instead of wasting your time being lazy, read a book, learn a new skill, engage in some creative activity, exercise, cook, listen to music or meditate. 

You can also choose to pursue your hobbies and start working on new projects to stay engaged. Not only will this help you defeat feelings of being lonely, it will also be a rewarding  experience that gives you the joy and satisfaction of creating something and boost your mood & self-esteem.

How To Crush Loneliness And Enjoy Being Alone
How To Crush Loneliness And Enjoy Being Alone

6. Engage in self-reflection

Whenever you get some alone time, instead of giving way to your negative thoughts, reflect on your past experiences, your relationships, your life, yourself and your purpose. Solitude is the first step towards inner peace and spiritual enlightenment. One 2002 study explains that spirituality is a life-giving force which is filled with awe and solitude “that inspires one to strive for balance in life.Further studies have found that self-reflection and solitariness are associated with spiritual enlightenment and that these can reduce feelings of loneliness, social isolation and stress, while helping us to find a sense of meaning in our lives.

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7. Cultivate existing relationship

Focus on rebuilding your current relationships and reconnecting with your family members and friends. Spend more time with your loved ones by meeting them in person, calling them up over the phone or even video calls, especially if you haven’t spoken in a while. Strengthening existing bonds is a great way to combat loneliness. So make sure to reach out to people you care about. There is no shame in seeking some social support as it is beneficial for your mental & emotional well-being.

8. Volunteer

Volunteering or community service can not only help you meet new people and interact with others, but it can also help you find a new purpose in life. Working with others to give back to your community can decrease loneliness, increase life satisfaction, boost happiness and help you feel grateful for your life. According to a 2018 study, higher intensity volunteering can help to alleviate feelings of social isolation.

How To Crush Loneliness And Enjoy Being Alone
How To Crush Loneliness And Enjoy Being Alone
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