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How to Create an Environment That You Can Be Happy In

How to Create an Environment That You Can Be Happy In

Have you ever stepped into a home or space and instantly been overcome with an emotion? Perhaps you felt a peace settling over you or maybe you were put off by your surroundings. The truth is that your environment can have a considerable impact on whether or not you are happy.

While focusing on your internal locus of control is important, you should also be aware of how your home can determine your level of contentment. If you feel as though you are living in a space that is not at all conducive to your happiness, here are some of the changes you should think about making:

Display What Makes You Feel Good

How many times have you walked around your home and asked yourself just how much of the décor you actually like? You will be surprised by just how much negativity you unconsciously surround yourself by. For instance, you may have an ornament on display given to you by a relative that you are simply displaying out of politeness. Or, you may have a picture put up that doesn’t do you justice but all of your family is included in the photo. Passing these items on a daily basis can have a greater impact than you might imagine. Each time that you walk past these things, you may feel a tiny and momentary surge of disgust or discontentment. It is best to put all of the offending items on display and to surround yourself with what makes you feel good, content, and happy.

Let the Light In

When most people think of sunlight, they think of Vitamin D… or skin cancer. What you may not know is that there are some other effects as well. When you are deprived of sunshine or only get minute amounts each day, there is a drop in the amount of serotonin in your body.

This can result in feeling lackluster, miserable, and a general lack of satisfaction. Unfortunately, homes are often equipped with too-small windows. This is why, if it is possible, you should think of introducing large Richmond Hill windows in your home.

OK, the new windows cost may feel like too much for your budget. However, it might be a lot more affordable than you can imagine. Not to mention, sunlight is so potent that it can even help to minimize certain symptoms of depression! Just imagine having such a powerful tool at your disposal every day!


Create a Single, Positive Space


As nice a thought as it is, you can’t simply turn your emotions off when you get home. There is a good chance that you will be carrying frustration, stress, anger, and other negative feelings into your house each day. This is why it is important to create a room (or even space) in your home that is completely devoid of such awful feelings. Create a physical boundary such as beautiful curtains or healing stones.

Have a few plants, perhaps a small water feature, and some relaxing scents and music. What is more important than all of these decorations, however, is your mind set. Before you step foot into this space, encourage yourself to get into a better frame of mind. This will help to protect the calming aura of the environment.

You have so much control over your happiness than you may have ever imagined. Here are a few ways to exert this control and change your surroundings.