How to Connect Deeply With Almost Anyone In 10 Seconds Flat

How to Connect Deeply With Almost Anyone In 10 Seconds Flat

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The 10 Second Heart Opener

So what I do now, almost on a daily basis, is carry these little glass hearts with me everywhere. They are nothing special, just cheap iridized glass from China. Yet the impact they have when I give them out to people would make you think they were made out of diamond.

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I never know with whom I will share them. I let my intuition/heart guide me which of course means I need to be fairly present to even be aware of that guidance. I’ve given them to men, women, and children of all ages and mostly to people I have never met before.

It typically starts out with me handing them a glass heart and saying “This is for you because you have such big, beautiful heart.” And yes, I even say that to the guys I give them to as well. Most people who receive them are deeply touched and appreciative. I remember one older lady in the grocery store checkout line weeping after I gave her one –somehow it soothed her troubled soul.

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Another time I gave one to a guy who I approached in a parking lot because he was riding a Ducatti motorcycle (I’m into bikes big time). After talking about his bike for a while something just urged me to give him one of the hearts –he was deeply touched. The next day I ran into him again at a coffee shop.

He said, “Do you remember me?”

At first, I didn’t but then a smile of recognition came across my face as I said, “You’re the Ducatti guy!”

He said “That’s right. You know that heart you gave me yesterday? Well, I went to the beach afterwards and met someone and I gave it to her. I think there may be something there.” That was nearly two years ago and they are still together.

crave for deepest connections

This simple act of connecting hearts by giving them away has another, even more important purpose than touching the lives of others.

You see, I’ve discovered that I can’t give these away without my heart being open. And if I’m feeling shut down (which I do from time to time) the mere act of giving these little hearts away will immediately open mine.

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Ten seconds is all it takes to connect deeply with anyone, yet the impact it has on you and the ones you give it to can last a lifetime. I have not found a more simple or sure way than this for me to stay fully present, heart open and vulnerable. And if it works every time for someone who was as shut down as I was, imagine what it will do for you.

Are you ready to connect deeply with almost anyone in 10 seconds? Share your thoughts or experiences in comments.

NOTE: in case you are interested, you can buy these hearts in bulk from this Los Angeles, CA distributor which is what I do –I go through a lot of them 🙂

Written by Michael J. Russer
Originally appeared in The Goodmen Project

How to Connect Deeply With Almost Anyone In 10 Seconds Flat
How to Connect Deeply With Almost Anyone In 10 Seconds Flat

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