This write-up is all about how to Build Strong – this can be building strong relation in professional life, Startup, Fortune 500s, or personal life. Just implement given learning in your workplace or life and see the difference.

I realise that professional and personal life are not two different songs. Specially when it comes to building “Strong Relation” from scratch. They both work on similar kind of notes & sing well together too.


I learned from the beginning of my professional life that any relation, be it professional or personal is based on 3 soft goals and they are TRUST, UNDERSTANDING & RESPECT. Let me explain this further to you :-

TRUST : Trust in God and Trust in Yourself. You are currently doing better than everyone and can keep improving.

UNDERSTANDING : When in critical times a situation comes to you, do not react immediately. Stay calm, PAUSE, think thrice (not twice) and take action. This may take few seconds but will build the relation for years.


RESPECT : Every individual goes through very volatile circumstances and could be in low or high situation, right or wrong times. Just respect each other’s feelings professionally and personally and you will have a happy relation forever.

These goals can be considered as foundational blocks for Startup, for employee engagement, for working with colleagues, teams with seniors, family, relatives. You can implement them anywhere wherein you are dealing with HUMANS.

“This is lesson learned from the past, TRUST, UNDERSTAND & RESPECT if you want to BUILD STRONG RELATION.”


So let’s consider that “Past is a Teacher and Present is a Student – Let the Past teach the Present; let’s learn, unlearn and relearn our relations professionally and personally.

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