How To Break A Bad Habit Not Serving You Anymore

break bad habit not serving you anymore

4. Keep your good habits on top of mind.

After setting an intention comes the work to keep yourself from going back to the old habit. This is naturally the hardest part and it’s important with frequent reminders about why the bad habit didn’t serve you well so that you can stay with the new good habit instead.

I personally find the most powerful practice to maintain the focus on the good habit is to use an intentions reminder bracelet. 

I created this concept because I needed a reminder of that vision. A representation of how I wanted to feel, show up and BE when I served myself and my needs  better.

I have several intentions reminder bracelets on my arm to remind me of various intentions that I’ve set for myself. All for different things, and it’s when I catch myself in the moment, finding myself wanting to organize an additional closet, or keep working on that project another hour, feeling that urge to just go on and on. 

I glance at my bracelets and instantly they remind me of what I want instead. 

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You can learn how to pivot like this too!

If you want to learn how to use Intention reminders sign up for my online workshop here, or visit my site where you can learn more about Intentions Reminders as a tool to support you in breaking bad habits.

In summary, how to break a bad habit and welcome the good habits and the best of you?

  1. Which habits are serving you and which are not?
  2. What’s behind the habit? What are you avoiding?
  3. Set the vision of habits that serve you well.
  4. Keep your good habits on top of mind with Intentions Reminders.

You deserve to feel lighter and welcome joy into your life!


Written by: Ulrika Sullivan
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How To Break A Bad Habit Not Serving You Anymore
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