How to best navigate 2016 a great year of completion and Change

How to best navigate 2016 a great year of completion and Change

As we have past the half way point of 2016 which in numerology is a 9 year 2+0+1+6=9 it has been a massive turning point collectively around the globe but also within each individuals personal journey.

It is also about a year of coming together to create positive change and create a better world, however in doing that many people have been face with challenges for their own personal growth to get there.

From what I have experience and noticed, it has been a year unlike any other to face our own inner deepest fears so that we can work through them and realize that they are just an illusion of our own mind.

It has been a long and slow steady path for many as we have encountered small successes and then setbacks, each monumental in their own way. Relationships have been challenged and tested on every possible level. The friendship circles which you have started out with in the beginning of the year have transformed; in many cases people have moved out of our lives to make way for others to enter.

At some times the bigger picture can be seen quite clearly and others it seems to be clouded and uncertain.

Here are some easy and simple steps to follow to make sure you are moving and navigating through the second part of this year with greater ease.

  1. Remove any fear blockages from your path, you would notice reoccurring themes over the past few months. It’s easily identified as it would create a trigger within you. It could be about money/finances, safety/security, relationships or family. Whatever it is for you individually work with it instead of shying away from it as you may have done in the past. As uncomfortable as it may be to sit within that space. Honour the feelings as they come up and acknowledge them and let them go. There are many ways that you can do this could be facilitated by an energy healing session which can be the easiest one. Perhaps through meditation and or other techniques or modalities.
  2. Stay Present – Mindfulness is the best practice anyone can exercise from a moment to moment. We spend most of our lives consumed by past ‘mistakes’ or ‘wrong doings’ and fears and worries about future events which in most cases will never occur. When we focus and train our mind to stay full present we release ourselves of worries and concerns and we are much more open for unknown blessings and opportunities to align in our lives.
  3. Forgiveness – This is a massive key for self-healing and inner work, however most times people thing that forgiveness is about others. External changes always starts from within so looking at different areas where you can forgive yourself, this can be around situations and past events, however it can be as simple as inner judgements and personal qualities. Realising and realigning having an understanding that you are perfect in every way. A great process to heal is Hoʻoponopono (hoo-pono-pono) is an ancient Hawaiian practice of reconciliation and forgiveness. It’s as simple as four easy sentences. “I am sorry, please forgive me, thank you & I love you.” Notice any inner dialogue of judgement of ourselves and other as they arise take a moment to repeat this while setting the intention of sending healing to that aspect of self and/or others.
  4. Keeping away from the drama – With so many things happening around the world of chaos and confusion it’s very easy to be swept up into the drama of what it going on. It’s in these times especially that it is important to bring your focus back to yourself and ways that you can serve and bring a positive influence to the people and community around you. You always have the power to brighten up someone’s day as simple as a smile or kind words. The impact of a positive act never goes unrecognised and just think of the flow on effect.
  5. Staying focused on the Joy & Gratitude – Start your day in a positive way, before anything else start off by giving thanks for all of your blessings. Think of as many things in your life that you are grateful for. And keep that as a reminder as you go about your day. Always giving thanks for the unknown blessing which are on their way. And watch them roll in, in the most unexpected ways.

No matter where you’re currently situated in the world or your circumstances, these are some great tools which cost nothings and are easily accessible as we go through out our daily lives, which can make the world of difference.  The more we can all work on our inner world the greater impact we can have to help and serve others as we move through this year and make way for the coming of a new world and new cycle of 2017.

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