How To Be Productive While WFH

How To Be Productive While WFH

7) Be Aware of Laziness and Lenient attitude

Working from home seems a “cool” idea as there is no one to keep track of whether we are working or not. Nobody is there to do the so-called “bossing”.

Here, we are our own boss. In such a case being lazy and lenient can hamper our productivity. Therefore, being disciplined plays a vital role here. Being accountable and responsible towards work results in ultimately finishing the assigned task successfully.

There will be some days when you feel like doing nothing, still, the show must go on. Take a nap or small breaks or just a refreshing walk in the room, balcony, front/back yard, and get started with work.

8) Take the help of Vision board or Sticky notes

Decorating walls with sticky-notes are kind of an annoying idea for others 😉 but it is useful for us to keep reminded about our tasks every now and then and to stay motivated.

When the Goal is in front of you, you try to achieve it at any cost but when it is nowhere, getting that task completed becomes difficult.

Get a bunch of sticky notes today 😉

Vision boards are the best sources to keep you inspired and keep you working to be there where you want to be in life.

Get creative with it 🙂

9) Frame Strict Rules

We are not supposed to keep talking over a call by keeping aside our work. It just breaks our flow and link with whatever we are working with.

Set up strict rules for others by letting them know what you do and what you avoid doing during your work time.

Humbly, tell them you are going to call them back once you are done with your work.

Thanks to inbuilt templates in our cell phones.

10) Complimenting on Targets

When we are our own boss there is no one to praise us, give us perks, give us rewards that we deserve, give a letter/note of appreciation.

We have no manager, no boss, no colleagues to praise on achieving our targets.

Well, not to be upset for…

In such a scenario, It is our duty to pat our back and to praise ourselves.

I tell you a trick here,

Buy a bunch of Thank You notes or Notecards (nowadays you get customized as well).

Write a motivating and appreciating message for you in it.

Paste it on the vision board.

This will keep you encouraged and stimulated to work hard.

11) Enjoy Personal Space Once you are Done

This is “your” time.

When you work you often feel like checking social sites, watching TV or video, chatting with someone as there is no boss to keep watch on you.

Once you finished working, do these activities in your “me” time. Do whatever you wanted to do for yourself.

As soon as I am finished with my work, I spend some time with my parents, listen to songs, and pen down the next day’s to-do list before I sleep.

Allow this time for completing remaining chores, spending time with kids, your baby, pets.

After all, they all were trying hard to get your company when you were busy working 🙂

Working from home seems a seamless job but it is not.

Many times we go crazy while striking balance among all these activities.

Do not forget to relax and meditate for some minutes. Take it easy!

At the workplace keeping personal life aside from professional life is kind of easy as you are surrounded by a professional environment but when you are at home balancing the two is very challenging.

I hope this article would help you to some extent to be productive while working from home.

Enjoy being your own boss 🙂

See off!

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