How To Be Happier With Work

Be Happier With Work


Lastly, sometimes we place undue pressures on ourselves that make us unhappy. Perhaps these are unrealistic expectations, a fear of failure, and/or avoiding change. Changing our mindset is difficult yet rewarding.

For instance, are you a perfectionist who proofreads something three times before sending it? Maybe once or twice is enough. Or perhaps you feel a need to respond to emails immediately.

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Recognizing that, generally, if something is urgent people will call you, so an email doesn’t need an immediate reply, will free up the anxiety of constantly staying connected.

Alternatively, maybe the required mindset shift is something bigger. Perhaps you need to shift your whole conceptualization of your work. For example, maybe you feel your job is mundane because all you do is input numbers into a system.

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However, inputting information accurately and speedily may actually be about creating a positive customer experience who are the true lifeblood of the company. This shifts the task to be something bigger and way more fulfilling than data entry.

Overall, to help you find more happiness at work determine what makes you happy and tweak your job as much as is within your control. Finally, remember that work and home spill over into one another (especially these days). So you can apply these same techniques at home to ease up your workday or vice versa.

Are you ready to adjust your tasks, relationships, and mindset to be happier with work?


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Written by: Lauren Florko, Ph.D
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Originally appeared on Psychology Today
Republished with permission.
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How To Be Happier With Work
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