6 Hacks To Be Happier At Work, Backed By Science

6 Hacks To Be Happier At Work, Backed By Science

5. Get out of the office

Do you take lunch alone at work? If you want to be happier at the workplace, then it’s time to head out of the office and catch up with some friends while you have lunch outside. Our minds need to recharge itself as much as our bodies need food to fuel itself. A change of setting, environment and people can prove highly helpful. 

According to a 2013 study, eating alone at your desk can lead to feelings of unhappiness while eating out with friends can be highly relaxing. The research article by Prof. Werner Sommer, Department of Psychology, Humboldt-University at Berlin found that “a restaurant meal with a social component may be more relaxing than a meal eaten alone in a plain setting and may reduce cognitive control.

6. Practice gratitude

Ending your day with the simple practice of being grateful can work wonders for your mood and psyche. Due to negativity bias, we are much more affected by negative outcomes than positive outcomes of the same intensity. Studies have found that negative setbacks at work were 3 times more powerful than the impact of positive progress. This makes it harder for us to experience happiness at work.

6 Hacks To Be Happier At Work, Backed By Science

However, we can counter this negativity bias and program our minds to look at the positive more often simply by practicing gratitude on a daily basis. All you need to do is remember, appreciate and write down about the good things in your day. Evidence shows that being grateful can make us more optimistic and experience joy more often in life.

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So make sure to adopt a gratitude ritual and practice it at the end of your work day regularly. You can also choose to share your positive thoughts and emotions from the day with a loved one. Studies have found that sharing positive experiences “using a diary method” or with another person makes us feel better and improves how we feel about our life.

Choose to be happier at work

We all want a job that makes us feel excited about waking up and rushing to work. But that seldom happens. For most of us, the reality is we drag ourselves to work in the morning and come back home in the evening completely drained of physical, mental and emotional energy.

However, if we wish to be happier at work, then we will need to be intentional about it. We need to take deliberate efforts and the methods mentioned above can enable us to do just that. As you can see all the 6 methods I shared above have been proven to be effective by science and can work wonders for you, if you are aware and just put in some effort.

6 Hacks To Be Happier At Work, Backed By Science

Happiness is not something that is too hard to experience. Happiness is our default setting, regardless of where you spend your day. We simply need to be conscious about choosing happiness.

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Here’s an interesting video that you may find helpful:

6 Hacks To Be Happier At Work, Backed By Science

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  1. Yes,it is very important to focus on positivenes in the morning,stretch,do the morning moves like shower or breathing,then light breakfast with fruit juice or water and work relationships,try not to gossip,do not be personally frank with people speaking about your relationships,money,stay talkative ,but nothing personal about anybody,never speak about achievements as people are envious,they think they do better than you.

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