How The Zodiacs Deal With Emotions



Scorpios keep their deepest emotions clamped up in their heart. If you are trying to get to know more about a Scorpio’s inner secret, then chances are you will never get a clue. They can hide behind masks and even if you do understand there’s something wrong, they would not trust you enough to reveal anything. For Scorpios, exposing their vulnerabilities will make them feel weak. So, they would rather keep a hard exterior than a vulnerable one.



Sagittarians are pretty open. The fiery sign may be intimidating at first when they are opening up but that’s his genuine self after all. For Sagittarians, being vulnerable is not a sign of weakness – it is a way that they could grow. For most of us, being open is fine but only with people who we are comfortable with, generally friends. Sagittarians have a practical approach to this problem – they know that everyone was once a stranger before they became friends. This gives them a lot of flexibility to work with and so they remain open and genuine for the most part of their lives.



For Capricorns, control and maturity is everything. They are not someone who is willing to act as per their emotions unless they know that they can keep it under control. It would make them look immature and for a Capricorn, being immature is the worst state. So, even if they understand why they are feeling a certain way, they are not up for sharing it with others. However, they might reveal parts of it during certain situations, like in an argument. But, as per their nature, they would mostly keep it under control. So, even if they are revealing some secret to you, you must understand that they are only sharing parts of their emotions which they can keep under control.



Aquarius keeps people confused when it comes to revealing their secret. They are friendly and so they will reveal selective information to you if they meet you. While it might seem that they are being honest, it is actually not true. While you might feel that they trust you, their closest friends would disagree. Aquarians have a special talent of being selectively vulnerable.



Pisces is connected to people and their way of life. On a personal level, they are quite good at controlling their emotions. They would keep most of their emotions hidden within themselves, but when there is something that makes them sad or upset, they might become a bit open. Being connected to people, Pisces is intuitive and they process the emotions of other people more than their own. Pisces lose control and tend to become vulnerable when the emotions of other people start coming into their life. It’s more difficult to deal with the flurry of emotions of other people for Pisces than his own singular one.


Each zodiac has their own ways of dealing with their emotion, but it is necessary for all of them to know that sometimes, expressing their emotions is the best way to deal with life. So, as in everything, balance is key when it comes to emotions.

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How The Zodiacs Deal With Emotions

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