How The Zodiac Signs Act When They’re Sad

How The Zodiac Signs Act When Theyre Sad

How They Act When Sad  

Aries: Probably angry. Will work out or hit walls or do something physical in order to release the emotion.

Taurus: Stays quiet. Says nothing unless it’s short and hides themselves away.

Gemini: Tries to mask it by acting happy. Will probably say they’re not going to tell anybody, then goes off and tells at least 5 people about it.

Cancer: They’ll be vulnerable. It will be obvious in their body posture and the way they are acting, but getting them to talk about it might be a challenge.

Leo: Pity party or nothing. Either dramatic or you can’t tell at all, no in between. They might be crying their eyes out or completely cold towards everything.

Virgo: Get irritated. Typically comes out as irritability, can lash out or get upset easily over little things.

Libra: Goes on a hiding mode. Probably hiding themselves away so they can write about it or sit and stare at a wall until they feel okay.

Scorpio: Shows their creative side. They might hint at something being wrong, but most likely they will create something from how they are feeling (art, writing, etc)

Sagittarius: Act strong. Will tell you about it, but act like everyone is okay the next day. They don’t like to feel weak.

Capricorn: Make themselves busy. Will spend all their time on working or doing something productive to forget about it. Really quiet.

Aquarius: Goes full on crazy mode. Wanting to do anything else other than sit there and think about it, will probably do something crazy just to feel something else.

Pisces: Tries to clear their mind. Will easily let it out and let you know, but then will be more concerned about you and how you’re feeling and forgets to take care of themselves.


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