7 Examples of How Successful People Set Goals and Achieve Them

Successful People

2. Scott Adams wrote his affirmations for 15 times a day

You may or may not have heard of the name, Scott Adams, but if I ask you if you have heard of Dilbert, you probably have.

Scott Adams is the creator of the Dilbert comic and is one of the most successful cartoonists of our time. Dilbert has been syndicated and published in thousands of newspapers, written into several successful best-selling books, animated series, and hundreds of merchandised toys and games.

Again, like all others, Scott Adams did not start from the top, he was just a normal employee working from 9 to 5. But it has always been his dream to become a successful cartoonist.

One day, a friend shared with him about a repetition technique where the act of writing down his affirmations 15 times a day, could help make his dreams come true. It caught his attention and he decided to try it out.

And so, for 15 times a day, he wrote down:

“I, Scott Adams, will become rich.”

He then went on to buy 2 stocks and both stocks ended up becoming ridiculous winners for him. He then sold both stocks immediately and made a small fortune. Scott Adams shared his story of picking the 2 winning stocks in his book, How to Fail at Almost Everything and Still Win Big.

Of course, Scott Adams didn’t believe it and thought that he was just lucky to pick the winning stocks. And then, he changed his affirmations. He wrote this down 15 times a day:

“I, Scott Adams, will score in the 94th percentile on the GMAT.”

And for the coming weeks, he bought GMAT study books and took plenty of practice tests. However, he only managed to score about 77th percentile each day, but he decided to continue with his repetition technique and chose to write down his affirmation 15 times a day.

Finally, he took the GMAT test, and the results came. And he scored exactly the 94th percentile. He began to believe in his affirmations and the repetition technique.

After earning his MBA, every morning, before he went for work, he would write down this phrase 15 times a day:

“I, Scott Adams, will become a syndicated cartoonist.”

And the rest became history. According to one article, this was what happened next…

Despite several setbacks and rejections, and through a series of unlikely coincidences and lucky breaks, he eventually became a syndicated cartoonist. In fact, he’s arguably the most syndicated cartoonist alive today: Dilbert is published in 2,000 newspapers worldwide, in 65 countries and 25 languages.

This was how Scott Adams used affirmations and the repetition technique to materialize his goals and dreams.

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