7 Examples of How Successful People Set Goals and Achieve Them

Successful People

A year and a half later. Life magazine was in my home, interviewing me as to how I had made such incredible shifts in my life. When I pulled out my map to show them all the goals I had written down, it was amazing to see how many I’d achieved.

I had met the woman I described and married her. I had found and purchased the home I’d envisioned, down to the finest detail, including the third-story office in the turret of the castle, overlooking the ocean. When I wrote them down initially, I had no assurances whatsoever that these goals could be achieved. But I had been willing to suspend judgment for a short period of time in order to make it work.

This was the experience Tony Robbins had with goal setting. He literally created his own future by envisioning exactly what he wants and then writing all of them down on a piece of old Russian map.

Watch this video on how to set goals by Tony Robbins:

What about you? Have you written down your goals yet on how to be successful?

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