How To Stop Overthinking

stop overthinking

Bye-bye, worry!

It is important that you truly carry out the plans you just made if you want to achieve peace of mind. Give your mind satisfaction, don’t leave it hanging.

Will anxiety try to grip you anyways? Yeah, probably, but it will be easier to overcome and it’s a perfect moment to exercise detachment…

You will observe a childish, “bully” behavior: Anxiety will try to hit you where it hurts and you must not react to this. That’s another exercise of detachment and stillness I will teach you in another article.

If you want to go through your specific worries just let me know. We can tackle them together in a completely free, no strings attached, Anxiety Breakthrough Session where you and I will go through the next steps you need to take in order to leave anxiety behind. Together we can cut through your anxiety and uproot it for good.

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Let’s wrap it up:

1. Make a plan. It must really cover everything that worries you and you have to take immediate action. You can do a list, number worries on the left, and write the plan on the right.

2. Since you are already doing everything you can to get those “pending issues” sorted out, it makes no sense at all to worry. This works on a subconscious level, and now your anxiety will not be able to “grip” you so easily. Your mind will be settled, Anxiety Warrior!

3. Start rejecting worry. By this moment, worry is reduced to what it is: Useless because you are now taking action. If you are already doing everything in your power you can easily reject worry and overthinking. Your mind will become “unsuitable” for worry and anxiety.

4. Determine the next steps, settle your worry constantly, stay in constant action and leave worry behind.

Thanks for reading! If you have any suggestions or a specific aspect of anxiety you want me to cover or explain just leave a comment and I will gladly help you!

You are unbreakable

Always remember: Your mind is unbreakable. By transcending suffering you will just become stronger. Let’s do it together, Anxiety Warrior!

George Alonso,

Master yourself, master your life.

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How To Stop Overthinking
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