How To Stop Overthinking

stop overthinking


Let’s say someone, in this example, we’ll call her Madonna, is facing career problems. Let’s just say her last album is not performing as well as she had expected. So anxiety comes and makes a mess…

Anxious ideas cross her mind: “Crap! Why did you invest so much? Gosh, I shouldn’t have spent so much on production. Oh God, that music video was really expensive and it’s not doing any good. What am I going to do now? I won’t be able to pay investors, what is the board going to say about this? Hell and I’m already in debt!!”…

And on and on and on it goes Anxiety Warrior, you know how it goes… All those questions are the open doors. And it all stems from one central issue, a real issue:

The new album is not performing well. So that’s where we attack, at the core. Instead of worrying we make a plan and proceed to take action…

What can Madonna do about this? Up marketing efforts, increase social media activity, release the next single soon, knock 20% off for a weekend… you know, all that…

So then Madonna can cut the worry right there, before it starts growing.

Stop overthinking
Stop overthinking

50 shades of worry?

Now, there will be worries that we perceive as more “real” than others (farfetched ones can easily be discarded). And for all of them, one has to “close the door” too.

For example, Madonna is worrying about having spent so much on the video. That’s already done and there is no point in focusing on the past, those are things one can’t change. But what about being in debt? Well, that’s the next solution to plan, and she proceeds to make the plan right away…

Always remember this my Anxiety Warrior: The longer you take to make the plan, the longer it will be bothering you.

Madonna then decides to take some time to go through bills and accounts, she decides to set some money aside to pay the debt faster, even if this means less going out because peace of mind is more valuable than fun (one cannot truly have fun without peace of mind)

She also makes a plan on how to have fun even with a limited budget. And so Madonna has given a solution to the “pending issues”. But… what if worry still comes?

In the end, we haven’t solved the problem, we just made a plan, right? Well, wisdom comes in handy at this point…

Rejecting worry and anxiety

First, if worry comes one must make an effort to reject it, but now armed with our new shiny “weapon”: The plan.

Deep inside we are logical beings. And if anxiety comes disguised as worry but we have a plan, it will not be able to grip you because you have resolved those things that worried you. They are no longer “open doors”, you have closed all those and now have determined something that satisfies you. You are now a resolved mind.

Worry only comes to look for unresolved issues and since we are currently working towards the solution then it makes no sense to worry at all. With a plan, your mind will be able to understand this! Worrying won’t comfort you, it won’t help you, and it won’t speed things up. You can now drop it altogether because your mind is settled now.

Now it will be easy for you to reject worry. It has served its “purpose”: To draw attention to the potentially important stuff. But now that we have made EVERYTHING we can to solve it we don’t need it anymore…

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