8 Identifying Traits of A Sociopath

Identifying Traits of A Sociopath

7. The Truth.

Sociopaths tell their targets exactly who they are, but they do it in such a way that it is impossible for victims to understand the consequences of the horrible statements.

Targets might hear manipulating comments like, “You shouldn’t be with me” or “I’ve never had a good relationship” or “I wanted to hurt someone.” Sociopaths twist these comments into pity plays and justify themselves in exploiting victims when they do not realize the statements are real.

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8. Sociopaths suffer from a superiority complex.

Sociopaths are experts when it comes to using people according to their convenience and needs, then discarding them like trash. They feel completely justified in manipulating, stealing, lying, and cheating others. They don’t only realize that they are horrible people, they believe that they are better and superior to everyone!

When they successfully trick or manipulate someone to do their bidding, they believe that they could do it because the other person is weak and dumb. Sociopaths are extremely arrogant and morally corrupt, and due to this reason, it makes it impossible for them to benefit from therapy, or to change as a person.

Although it is tough to wrap our brains around this kind of mental illness, doing so can help us protect ourselves. The more you know about people like this, the more you will know how to deal with them, without getting trampled on. At the end of the day, you must look out for yourself and your mental health.

If you want to know more about the traits of sociopaths, then check this video out below:

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Traits of A Sociopath
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Traits of A Sociopath

15 thoughts on “8 Identifying Traits of A Sociopath”

  1. Avatar of Cynthia Schoenbauer

    This article really helps me realize the reason why I always felt a deep pain in my chest almost all my life, and felt deep down something was wrong with me. It was because my mother never gave me love and I just could not understand why.

  2. Avatar of Emily Rodriguez

    I strongly disagree with the statement in this article that says sociopaths are unable to love. They absolutely are. They may love the romantic partner and/or their children. But all of them steadily as a rule lack empathy for others. They have to fake and learn empathy from observing other people in society.

    1. Avatar of Tracy Mayhew

      I respectfully disagree, having read Hare, Clerk, Stout, Moscovici, et al, all of them say they do not have the capability to love. If they’re with a partner, it’s for their own ends (ie. a front of normality, for money, a roof over their heads, someone to look after them, etc.). Of course it’s all on a spectrum and some are more malignant (covert) than others.

  3. Avatar of Terry Bretzlaff

    At the core of their behavior is self- loathing. They feel helpless and so as they hurt you, they identify with your pain. They then can feel “not the victim.” I’ve known two who were sexually abused as children and are now sex addicts. They transfer the same abuse onto other’s that they experienced. The feelings of being helpless and manipulated. I’m not excusing their behavior. I’m just saying the belief of superiority is not a true belief.

  4. Avatar of Stephen John

    The most common tactics about Sociopaths is that, if somebody asks “WHY” question they manipulate that ‘WHY’ is not necessary and lead to fight or argument 🙂 … So ask no “WHY” question because they have to give reasoning which they can’t do, due to their insecurities.

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