9 Ways How Simple Morning Exercise Can Boost Your Productivity

Even walking and other low-intensity exercises can work just as great as running and strength training to boost your energy and, ultimately, productivity.

3. Exercise Improves Brain Functioning

The most important asset of every knowledge employee is the brain. It is what helps to perform complex calculations and complete marketing reports, so it has to alert and sharp as possible to produce the best results. According to a recent study by the Body-Brain Performance Institute, the participants that performed an assigned set of physical exercises every morning have experienced lower levels of stress and better brain function at work. On the other hand, those who did not engage in the exercises reported quite the opposite: elevated stress levels and slightly lower productivity. The study concluded about the apparent connection between the physical fitness and brain functioning and the importance of understanding it to achieve better productivity.

Evidently, the morning exercises can boost the performance because they improve the mood and cognition from the very start of the day, which prevents from experiencing higher levels of stress and helping to concentrate on the work. A concentrated brain is the guarantee of better decisions, effectiveness, and efficiency.

4. Exercise can trigger the Avalanche of Ideas

Does this happen to you? You try to solve some problem or perform some task but the brain just refuses to work, causing you to be stuck for hours. You leave it unsolved and then try to complete it in the morning, and the brain is surprisingly active and the problem gets solved in a matter of minutes? If it does, morning exercises are supposed to be great for you. If you get stuck some with some task that requires a lot of thought but the ideas just do not come to mind, leave it for the morning. When you wake up then, try to engage in some exercise and you will see how fresh ideas begin to emerge one by one.

Even a walk around the neighborhood is fine for that. The freshness of the morning and the sharp brain will help you to come up with great solutions. If you need some creativity on the job, this is a very good idea.

5. Exercise teaches how to work through Discomfort

Physical exercises can be intense. Let’s face it, some of them require to do the best you can, even if it means running despite feeling tired and exhausted. These moments can be really uncomfortable but they also have one great benefit that is now widely advertised. They teach how to continue to work even when you experience discomfort and prefer to stop, which is exactly what happens at work. When you work, you may be faced with a lot of roles and responsibilities, which can bring a fair amount of discomfort to the day. However, despite how uncomfortable you are performing them, you keep going, just like during the exercises, when you are so tired but do one more lap to push yourself to the limit.

Exercises can be a good teacher of patience because they train to work through discomfort and achieve what is required.

6. Exercise can help to achieve the best Work-Life Balance

If you want to exclude the morning workout from your everyday routine to find an optimal balance between work and life, think again. Numerous studies showed that people who succeeded in performing regular morning workouts had fewer issues in achieving the best work-life balance. One of them suggests that the main reason behind this success was the structured activities that allowed to develop better time management skills. As the result, the people became more confident in their abilities to meet the needs of both professional and personal lives. Sticking to the schedule regardless of the circumstances and leaving morning workouts in place may be a tough task to do, but in the end, it all pays off with great benefits.

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