Flying Monkeys: How Narcissists Use Them To Torment Their Victims

Flying Monkeys How Narcissists Use Them Torment Victims

No matter their reason, you will have to maintain your cool and your integrity. Again, in a just world, you wouldn’t have to bear with all this slandering, but when it comes to a narcissist and Flying Monkeys, you cannot expect decency, fairness, and class from them. But what you can do is maintain your dignity and not give the reaction they are looking for. Reacting to them in any way will only make the situation worse. They would be painting a picture of you as someone who is mean, mentally disturbed, and whatnot.

They will try to make you look like the crazy one, and that is exactly what you need to avoid.

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3. Make them see the truth by educating them.

In the case that the Flying Monkeys are people very close to you, part of your family, for instance, ignoring them might get a bit more problematic. They’d make other family members believe that you are the problem, and you are the one who is rude, manipulative, and indecent.

As can be expected, they’d be great at painting themselves as the good ones whereas you’d be the insensitive person who is not respecting their well-meaning actions. And the worst thing is that these people would be fooled by them. And so, instead of even trying to learn your side of the story, they’d start admonishing you on your alleged bad behavior. This could quickly turn into an intervention that would have you facing off your abuser and his/her Flying Monkeys.

If you are faced with a situation like this, DO NOT lash out. Do not lose your temper and say harsh things back to them, because that is exactly what they are expecting you to do. Rather, try to educate them. Try to make them understand that they are being manipulated by the narcissist, and are being made to do things that the narcissist wants them to do, and they are not being able to see that. Keep your calm, and be rational. Give them facts and prove it to them that you are not the problem, the narcissist is.

Narcissists and Flying Monkeys will always try to discredit you and your character, just to fulfill their own twisted narrative. The moment you realize what they are doing, keep these things in mind and fight them with integrity, facts, and class. Because these are the three things that they do not possess in any way and are deathly scared of.

How Flying Monkeys Help a Narcissist and how you can save yourself
Flying Monkeys How Narcissists Use Them Torment Victims Pin

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