Flying Monkeys: How Narcissists Use Them To Torment Their Victims

Flying Monkeys How Narcissists Use Them Torment Victims

The Flying Monkeys will make up horrible things about you and spread malicious gossip to destroy your reputation and credibility. They might say you are crazy or abusive, and that is why none of your relationships have worked out in the past. They might even contact your family, and say incorrect things about you. Narcissists and Flying Monkeys basically project their misdeeds on you and accuse you of doing the things that they themselves do to other people.

When narcissists and Flying Monkeys tell people that you are crazy, instantly know that it’s a smear campaign against you. And the more you react to it, and try to make people understand that everything that they are spewing is untrue, the more you are falling into the trap they have set.

Flying Monkeys will pretend to be concerned about you, and will justify their cheap tricks in the name of love and concern. They will create a web of lies in which you will be the problem, and they will be your well-wishers who will never give up on you. For example, you might have gotten drunk once at your best friend’s birthday party. Just once. However, Flying Monkeys will manipulate this incident, exaggerate it, and go around telling people that you have an alcohol problem.

If you confront them, they will gaslight you and manipulate you into thinking that you have hurt them tremendously by questioning their love and concern for you. And all they have ever wanted to do was look out for you and wish the best for you. They will be so convincing, that you might even end up believing them, and start feeling guilty about doubting them in the first place.

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How can you protect yourself from Flying Monkeys?

You see, these minions of the narcissist, his Flying Monkeys so to speak can interfere and cause havoc in your life nonetheless. Even when you have cut ties with the narcissist for good, their Flying Monkeys will make sure that they make your life a living hell. But the good news is that, there are certain things you can do to make sure you are able to counter their dirty tricks.

1. Keep an eye on anything personal of yours, especially social media.

You could ban the narcissist from your life, block all mediums of contact, and establish an absolute no-contact policy. But all that won’t be enough if they have decided to keep bothering you and if they have an army of minions who want nothing more but to please them.

Even if they can’t reach out to you through social media or your phone, they’d still want to know everything that is happening in your life. And if you don’t give them that access, they will engage someone else to do their dirty work. In order to make sure that they do not get to have any kind of access to your personal information, you need to monitor your online activity closely.

Don’t accept requests from random strangers and even for mutual friends add only those whom you trust 100%. If you ever get any inclination that some of your information has been breached to the narcissist, review your privacy measures across all social media. Try to be more private about your life, lest you feel like being hounded online.

2. Try to maintain your integrity no matter how hard they push you.

Another way the narcissist and their Flying Monkeys can ruin your life is by spreading malicious gossip about you. They’d use any and every opportunity to malign your name. They’d foul mouth you to friends, family, and colleagues. This can get emotionally and mentally exhausting if you have to keep dodging false accusations that attack your integrity and character.

As hard as it is to keep ignoring false accusations, it is even worse when you get to hear something (which you told someone in complete confidence) being repeated to you by a mere acquaintance. You see narcissists don’t respect you or your privacy. So any intimate information which you might have shared with them in the past can become public knowledge, the moment they feel like doing so.

There can be many reasons behind such behavior on their part. First and foremost is that they want to get under your skin. And exposing you like this might be the surest way for them to incite a reaction out of you. Another reason could be that they are feeling vindictive and this might seem like just revenge for them.

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