Dating Games: 3 Ways The Man You’re Dating Will Test You For Love

Dating Games: 3 Ways The Man You’re Dating Will Test You For Love
Dating Games: 3 Ways The Man You’re Dating Will Test You For Love
Complexities of dating games.


If you don’t trust someone’s word, then how can you be in a happy and loving relationship?

This is how many women end up in unhealthy relationships. They failed this “self on a test” and they end up feeling used and resentful.

This is where you get to use your wildcard.

I want you to feel confident and ask to be treated kindly and mindfully. You deserve this at the very least.
Ask gracefully and share what you value in a way that’s empowered.

You do not want to shame or chastise him, just let him know what you value and what turns you on emotionally. He’ll get it or he won’t.

We’re all capable of forgetting things and messing up. So use your wildcard.

See what he does. If he doesn’t respect a reasonable request from you, then move on far away from this type of person.

I know how hard it can be to let go of someone you thought was going to be a good match.

You may have thought he was sexy and perhaps relationship material— yet if he doesn’t honor the bare basics of healthy eating and relating, see this as a blessing and run.


3. The “Let’s Get It On” Test.

First up, I will say that I know men who like to sleep with women early on in the dating phase to see if they’re compatible physically. I get it though this is not the kind of test I’m referring to at this point.

Not all men view sex in the same way.

Some men want to test out the connection and compatibility early on and they typically won’t judge a woman on this.

Some men will have sex on the first date with a woman and marry them.

Whereas, some men test to see if a woman is easy which is a double standard that is sadly still living and breathing in the 21st century.

So how does a woman pass this test?

Only have sex with a man when you feel comfortable.

Feeling horny is NOT the same as feeling comfortable or it does not mean it’s the right time to get it on.

If you feel pressured, then honor yourself. This is your wildcard.

Do not have sex with a man unless you truly want to and when the time feels right for you. There’s nothing wrong with something casual though you have to authentically want a casual fling.


The bottom line is sex is not the path to commitment and sex is a common way men test women while dating.

If you’re with a pushy man who’s not easily taking no for an answer, then pay close attention. This is a possible red flag.

Sure, he might try to have sex with you but if he seems aggressive or is trying way too hard, then take note.

He may not be a great guy for you. Most men will cool the jets quite easily when you clearly say no to getting it on when you say no.

If a man is going to judge you or lose interest the moment you have sex, then he’s definitely not the man for you.

Some men seek to conquer and then they’re on to the next challenge, the next quest.
These types of men are not always easy to pick up on. Irrespective as to whether you slept with them on the first date or 20th date, they will flee once they get what they want or once they feel it’s getting more serious.

I know that this can feel terrible and at the same time, don’t let it eat at your confidence and never forget the type of love and devotion you deserve. There are great men out there looking for you.

Dating Games: 3 Ways The Man You’re Dating Will Test You For Love
You are dateable.


So there you have it, three ways men test women while dating and how to pass each one that sees you winning a man over without sacrificing your own values.

If you feel like the man you’re dating is testing you, listen to your gut and keep coming back here to know what to do. I want you to be with the kind and loving man, not a man who feels the need to test you and play with your emotions.

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