How many times have you lived?

 July 03, 2018

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How many times have you lived?

Like for real? To live, not just exist and survive. We live day by day but the funny yet absurd paradox is, we plan ahead too much. It`s okay to have goals and to know where you see yourself in 5 years, but it`s also okay to live just in a moment, even if just a brief one. What we need more often, is something real. And what else is more real than this very moment? The moment when you can do anything you want. Not yesterday. Not tomorrow, but today. 

You are going to realize it one day, maybe even earlier; it`s not about creating a perfect life, it`s about creating an astonishing one. The one that awakes butterflies in your stomach and feels good on the inside and for YOU – not on the outside for others. 

No one has ever had fun saying: “Do you remember October ___,  last year?” if a response was: “Me neither.” 

Usually the best things that will ever happen to you aren`t or weren`t planned ahead. They simply happened. You either sat next to the stranger on a long haul flight that was interesting to talk to or you did something crazy last minute. That trip you`ve planned for about half a year before? It wont be anything like you`ve expected. It may end up being even more interesting but nothing like you thought it will be. 

Days are usually the way we want them to be. If you believe there`s someone above us managing with us like we are some kind of marionettes, you will most likely become one … A slave of your own thinking. When you wake up being a pain in the ass, it`s because you set your mindset this way. 

The only thing that isnt`t in hands of others is your life, your choices, your decisions – your HAPPINESS. The Happiness has always been about finding yourself, creating yourself and living your own movie. The good thing is, you don`t need viewers to make it. You only need a director. And this person is no one but you. You`re the one who`s turning the rudder. It`s up to you how slow or fast you go and to be honest – it doesn˙t really matter how fast you move as long as you move. As long as you do something that moves you closer to your goal each day, that`s should do. 

You should live to the fullest so you can call your life a story worth remembering. A story that will put a smile on your face when thinking retrospective one day. Make it a masterpiece not just another story.

We plan too much and we worry too much. What happens in between, are adventures lost forever. They could have happened, but they didn`t. And these are not the words you want to use in 40 years, do you? I don`t think so, either.

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