How many scars did we justify

How many scars did we justify

How Many scare did we justify just because we loved the person holding the knife?

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  1. None. Scars are healed… They’re in the past. You don’t need to justify scars. You justify actions… If the action is leaving scars that’s a different question.

    1. It seems easier to not accept our own part in a situation than to accept our own responsibly. Granted there are situations where we are not part of the cause, but if we fail to act to an injustice we are part of that injustice just as much as those committing it.

    2. No I don’t come on here to get likes. I could care less if any one expresses their agreement to anything I say. Thats not the point. There’s no Joy in being liked because I only say things that people agree with. The joy comes from empowering people. There is freedom in empowering another person, especially when they are going through something rough in life. When it comes to positive thinking, a life full of pain and grief makes room for the finer things in life, less judgement, less criticism. Keep up the good work though, maybe one day we can all be in the place where we care less of what others think. That is a great place to look at life. Possibilities become endless and criticism less personal.

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