To Feel List: How To Make Your Daily Life Easy And Joyful

Make Daily Life Easy Joyful

Part of the beauty of this exercise is to open our minds and hearts to all the options that are available to us.  How can we cultivate positive feelings, if we can’t even name them?  How to create a to feel list?

Here are the 6 steps I propose for this 6-week experiment.  

  • Put aside 30 minutes to broaden your feelings vocabulary.  You can do this by going on the internet, or reach out to me and I’ll send you a document with many feelings you didn’t even know you could have!
  • Every morning, take 5 quiet minutes to imagine the day ahead.  Ask yourself, “Given all the things that are on my calendar today (remember you’ve already done this work with a pro), how would I like to feel?
  • Do a thought download of all the feelings that come to mind.  Remember, this is a new practice for most of us, and the mind will likely fight back.  Keep your attention on the positive feelings you want to experience, and write them all down.
  • Narrow the list down to 3 feelings, and finally, focus on 1 single feeling you’d like to experience on this day.
  • Take a few minutes to imagine what that feeling would be like in your body, and move forward with your day.
  • A personal habit I’ve cultivated is writing the feeling I want to experience throughout the day on a small note card, and making sure it’s visible to me throughout my day.  

I hope that replacing your To Do list by turning pro with your calendar, and cultivating the practice of creating a To Feel list, will make this holiday season and the rest of the year, a more easy and joyful one for you.

Written by:  Carolyn Mahboubi
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