How important timing is

How important timing is

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4 thoughts on “How important timing is”

    1. If someone is willing to put You as secondary to a passing circumstance, they may not value you or your love very highly.

      You can remain understanding for a time, and wait until the circumstance passes, but there may be another and another until you are left waiting forever.

      Ultimately it will teach you to be with someone who’s love for you and their integrity to that feeling will make them act in a way which reflects those feelings and values.

      If you settle for someone who puts your love as secondary to a passing circumstance and not a priority, your love will always come second in their lives under whatever problems they are having.
      They may push you away or keep you outside of themselves for the duration of any conflict they face.

      That isn’t a relationship I’d want. Id want to be involved, I’d want to feel like my love and my Self is actually something of value to the one I love and am in a relationship with.
      Otherwise, I can just love them from afar, still be happy, and find someone who’s sense of love, integrity, and honor to those principles is as.. Motivating.. As my own.

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