How To Guess Someone’s Zodiac Sign

How To Guess Someones Zodiac Sign

How To Guess Someone’s Zodiac Sign

Aries: Strong opinions, unintentionally talks over you

Taurus: Clear voice, too sarcastic for most people

Gemini: Too many facial expressions, constantly moving

Cancer: Always worrying about something

Leo: Smiles a lot, absolutely hates to see unhappy people

Virgo: Too opinionated, is better than you at everything

Libra: Lazier than everyone else, also always checking themselves out

Scorpio: Loves to get on peoples nerves

Sagittarius: Food permanently on their mouth…

Capricorn: Complains a lot but ends up taking care of everything

Aquarius: Always saying “I see humans, not humanity”

Pisces: Sings and doodles without noticing, barely awake


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