How To Find Your Way

Over time I have experienced many different emotions, thoughts, feelings and experiences. And like many of us, the coming of age, the rituals and milestones have been the norm of growing up. I remember, we never questioned why our parents did things the way they did, or why the sky was blue and not green. We just didn’t question. I was fortunate enough some of the choices I made early on in life allowed me to remove the blinkers of the norm and to have a whole different view on my journey and how it has all come about. It has allowed for me to feel more free to speak not only about my experiences growing up, becoming a parent, facing adversity and life in general.
My journey has brought me to a point in my life where I feel the need to search, to find my way through the layers of my life and discover the roots of the real ME.
Not everyone knows how or where to start looking. I am here to tell you there really is nothing to it, it’s something that comes naturally and it is with all of us.
Once you have the power of belief behind you and the gift of faith in front of you, the path will always shine. The first few steps are always going to be difficult because they are the foundation of your journey, these steps are your memories, your present moment and view of A Possible future. Here you learn so much about yourself and whether you accept what has been revealed will determine the choices you make, though it must be pointed out that even in that moment the choice can be altered and change the outcome. Its understanding that though you are in the moment of accepting where you are in your life, with every thought and feeling, with every emotion and action the outcome is always going to change.
I spent the last several years searching for answers. Realising I had been resistant to the life of my parents. I was going to be different with my children and my life. I was angry and lost. And this affected who I became and my view on life. Fortunately I had as I said aspects within my journey that had allowed me to learn and interacted with my life and the way I viewed it. It hasn’t always been easy, it still is a work in progress, however it has brought a sense of peace within me to understand and grow.
When you discover and implement them into the real world, you begin to understand it’s not for everyone. But that’s what makes us unique, special, and proud of who we are. Sometimes the steps we thought were the foundation of our journey become our journey. The discoveries of how we can find our way and choose to lead our life is all in the learning.
When I found today’s quote from 2 Corinthians 5:7 ‘The path we walk is charted by faith, not by what we see with our eyes” it practically jumped out at me with truth and clarity.
Faith in knowing you will find your way, is exactly that, It does not contain a before or after, it does not need to see. Faith is believing from the heart, learn to trust just a little more often and allowing to let aspects of our lives to flow.
Finding your way? How do you do that? Where do I begin? These are all questions we will ask ourselves however you wont find the answers here. Because they aren’t words they aren’t in books You will discover the answer isn’t in the questions rather in the answer. It is simply allowing the journey to begin.
God Bless

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